Progressives find religion in Papal climate change statement

Progressive politicians love to tell us about the separation of Church and state in Canada.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    I finally got round to reading the Encyclical after refusing to listen to any commentary. Media always distort any thing coming out of the Catholic Church. It is about a lot more than climate change. Sadly it is mostly platitudinous claptrap. It is like something out of the Seventies. Anti technology. Precautionary principle on GMOs. Anti Nuke. Small organic farms. Solar powered communes – “selling power back to the grid”. It is like an annoying mung bean munching hippie who knows all about electrical engineering because they have a degree in Mediaeval French Literature. Embarrassing really.

    • just a thought

      Thanks for reading and summarizing, as well as saving me the trouble. I feel like I owe you or something, for boldly going where I hadn’t the stomach to. 🙂

      • Sir Roderick Spode

        There is a lot of it and being a Mick I felt obliged to read it. Just as a forinstance. There is a section about Gold mining with Mercury and handwavingly blaming on capitalist greed. That is the reverse of the true situation. There is no excuse for amalgam extraction. It is on a level with blast fishing. What is needed is for some capitalists to come on and set up a proper cyanide plant. It is just wrongheaded. It doesn’t really mention nuclear power except for mutterings about radiation in the ‘varnment. I am disappointed because I remember conversations with Jesuits who are far from stupid and would never have tolerated such sloppy . work from me.

        • just a thought

          It sounds like he and Obama have a lot in common, none of it good.

          Thanks again for the further details. It’s pretty clear that in a very short time you have put a lot more thought into the matter than he or any of his advisers have in all the time they’ve had to work on it.

          It’s also clear from his ‘pontifications’ about “social justice,” “wealth redistribution” and “capitalist greed” that he is ideologically a committed Leftist, and that it prevents him from relating to reality in a constructive way.

  • Barbara

    A link to the encyclical? I think this is safe ground for the world to avoid yesterday’s UN announcement that we have 60 million displaced people. Shift focus. Funny, pope talks about compassion for earth, UN about compassion for people. Up is down.

    Too many stories today,this will be lost.