Has Obama given up on Iran… in favour of golf?

On one of the most important strategic questions of our time, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it appears that President Obama has given up. As a sign of his priorities, however, he is playing an extraordinary amount of golf. So now we can all relax, right?

ident Barack Obama’s latest surrender on the Iranian nuclear negotiations may not surprise people already acquainted with his propensity for weakness, indecision and ineptitute. Evidently, it appears that Iran will not need to dislose prior information about its nuclear weapons program.

The opening paragraph of a recent Foreign Policy article captures the latest developments nicely:

For years, the United States and other world powers have demanded that Iran come clean about its past nuclear weapons research. But with a deadline for a landmark deal rapidly approaching, President Barack Obama’s administration is now saying such an accounting of prior military activity would be redundant, as the United States already possesses a detailed understanding of Iran’s illicit nuclear activities. It has the ability to devise a stringent U.N. monitoring system capable of preventing it from cheating down the road.