Gender, Race, and Reality

What an odd time we are living through. Those on the left, whose affinity for make-believe knows no bounds, have finally become so comfortable with selling fraud that they’ve left the reservation.

Look at a white woman and see a black one. Look at a man and see a woman. They’ve progressed from the gray areas of belief right into lying about what we can see in front of us. 

  • G

    What about people who can’t identify as red or green because of colour blindness?
    Oh the oppression!

  • pop

    I identity as pantone colours. Where’s my rights?

  • Xavier

    “challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness”

    Brown does a good job deconstructing the first part of her statement but ignored the second part, which is the core of progressive philosophy and the essential difference between the left and right: the idea that humans must be molded into something we are not.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I really don’t care what people call themselves. What I find irritating is that they themselves focus on their own process to defend it, to me, and I don’t even worry about it. Call yourself gay, black or a tortoise. So what. Now shut up about your ‘struggle’ to be embraced as a gay black tortoise. This is of your own making just like those loons who ‘feel complete’ only after they get some shady doctor to cut off one of their legs. Stop complaining I don’t love you as much as you do. I really don’t care.

  • Waffle

    When you can see the clothes the naked emperor is wearing, anything is possible.