Drinking Human Breast Milk That is Sourced On-Line Might Not Be A Good Idea

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Once more, I had not a clue that this was even a thing!

LONDON (Reuters) – A growing online craze among some fitness communities, fetishists and chronic disease sufferers for buying and drinking human breast milk poses serious health risks, British experts said on Thursday.

Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, specialists said there was little evidence to support claims that the milk – traded via websites in a lucrative market for adult buyers – is some kind of super food that can boost health and fitness and ward off disease.

Claims that it even helps with erectile dysfunction and cancer have no clinical basis, they said. On the contrary, the experts warned, raw and unpasteurized human breast milk bought online can expose consumers to many serious infectious diseases, including hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.

It is also potentially very hazardous if used to replace a healthy balanced diet, Sarah Steele, a specialist at the global health and policy unit at Queen Mary University of London, wrote in the journal.

Nutritionally, she said, there is less protein in human breast milk than other milks like cow’s milk.


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    Staring at that photo is like staring at the cloudy sky waiting for the sun to poke through…

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    I really wish I did not know that this is a thing. Thanks a lot. Now I have to post this on Facebook to force other people to know this is a thing.

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    a real handfull

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      It really works. I feel healthier already.

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      5 minutes a day of staring at breasts lowers mens stress levels and reduces the chance of a heart attack.

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