Did Michelle Obama not see the irony in delivering a speech on female emancipation to a school full of girls in headscarves in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets?

Of all the schools in all the towns in all the world, why did Michelle Obama visit a girls’ school in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets this week?

She says it was her own choice to make a speech on education at the Mulberry School for Girls. But was it?

I doubt the First Lady had ever heard of the school before this trip, and probably couldn’t point to Tower Hamlets on a map. My guess is that the venue was chosen deliberately by the Department for Education to showcase our new, rigorously enforced State religion: ‘Celebrating Diversity’.

  • I have one question for Michelle. Do you think it is appropriate for all women in Saudi Arabia to be required to wear the burka?

    And a second follow up. Would you want your daughters to wear it?

    • Moochelle don’t care she’s on vacation again.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Did she mention anything about the rape gangs and how they should take it, “on the chin” for Moh’s team?

  • Hard Little Machine

    No she did not. In fact sharia, FGM and oppression are statements OF empowerment to the progressive mind. I’m only shocked there wasn’t a public flogging or beheading or two. At least a little gang rape. Come on it’s Ramadan now, let’s celebrate.

  • just a thought

    “Tower Hamlets” – She probably thought she was going there for breakfast.

  • k

    The only reason some of the women are allowed to further their education is…
    so that they can get into specific jobs in order to…
    help dismantle the West
    =Global Cali…fate

  • k

    subject to Sharia Law (see the last points)