Cameron to tell Muslim wannabe colonizers in Britain to stop hating the West

Quietly condoning extremists’ prejudices gives them legitimacy and makes it easier for Britons to join jihad, the Prime Minister to warn

David Cameron will on Friday warn parts of the Muslim community that “quietly condoning” anti-Western ideology is making it easier for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) to recruit in British cities.

The Prime Minister will issue a stark message to Muslim families and leaders that they must do more to combat the lure of Isil among young people.

He will also tell those who have lost loved ones to extremist groups to stop “finger pointing” and blaming the police and security services when their relatives run off to Syria or Iraq.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Russell Brand will be cross.

  • Kaye

    Has the real David Cameron been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a doppelganger? But this is just a little encouraging ….

    • It’s been done before …

    • He is wishy and then washy. My feeling is he will immediately remind everyone that Islam is a religion of peace.

      • Kaye

        You’re probably right. He kind of reminds me of a jelly fish or the Pillsbury Dough Man or the like (he’s not a vertebrate at any rate).

  • jwmiller

    Wow! That should nip it.

  • Vic Jenkins

    Another baby step from Cameron in the right direction. All I can say from my knowledge of Cameron’s liberal credentials is that the information he is getting from the security services must be truly frightening.

    Try this post for a great take on our leaders’ reluctance to take on the Islamists at:

  • MannieP

    “Stop hating the West.”

    There. That ought to do it.

  • The__Hammer

    LOL too late

  • edlancey

    Don’t hold your breath, Cameron is a dhimmi and a quisling.

  • a little late

    • Petey

      Make ’em eat bacon or bullets – their choice!

  • Amici Journal

    Britian is our Ally, they have proven that time and time again…Only thing is Obama is not friendly with our allies, just our enemies…Thank you Britain

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At least, this is better than Cameron’s total silence.

  • k

    To stop the JIhadi’s superb ability to sell their World Vision of Peace Harmony & Head Chopping …one has toooooooo…

    provide a better alternative World Vision to Peace and Harmony

    Multiculturalism has just turned into a
    1) Validate ALL NONE WESTERN CULTURES… no matter the belief (we shield our eyes from abhorant things like hand chopping for theft etc and point to blissful delicacies such as shawarma’s)
    2) Trash ALL Western Cultures- to show that we are incredibly Objective and hold only Western Cultures to the height of balanced discourse/ethics (a very racist and pandering in order to not create fights= intent)

    …signifying nothing=the West

    By the way?
    Why do you want to create problems for your self?
    Don’t bring people in who have colonial asperations.
    There are always peoples with colonial ideas and some are nicer to live under than others=just accept the fact=don’t push ideals further than they are evolutionarily able too go. Be realistic.

    How come…???
    Italians, Swedish, Spanish, British, Irish, Danish all have to lose their LAND RIGHTS to being LAND FOR EVERYONE ON EARTH through the acts of immigration


    We lambast ISIS for it’s trouncing of the Middle-East?

    just asking.

    idealism/guilt complexing vs war = all amounts to the same thing really
    some people get to lose

    You can not stop cliques from arising, ONE WORLD, everyone on the same page, is impossible.

    We complain