Where’s Hobbes? The Adventures of a Stuffed Tiger

For a young boy, there are few things more terrifying than losing your favorite stuffed animal. So when six year-old Owen Lake lost his toy tiger Hobbes in the Tampa, Fla. airport, he feared the worst. Little did he know Hobbes was about to embark on an amazing adventure, courtesy of airport staff. …

Owen’s parents called Tampa International Airport’s Lost and Found department. Airport staff found Hobbes near a children’s play area, and decided to prepare a little treat for Owen while they waited for him to come back from vacation and reclaim his lost little buddy.

Airport Operations Center Manager Tony D’Aiuto got help from all over the airport  – police, airlines, the military, security – and photographed Hobbes on his amazing adventure around the airport. The tiger got gelato, went to the gym, hung out by the pool at the adjacent Marriott hotel, and even played Jenga.

Then, D’Aiuto put all the photos into a storybook and had it printed. He left the book, along with Hobbes, at Lost and Found. When Owen picked up Hobbes, he also had a book of Hobbes’ airport adventures.