Outrage after Wynne gives $40M contract to Chilean company

Premier Kathleen Wynne needs to explain to outraged southwestern Ontario residents why her government awarded a ferry-building contract to a Chilean company over the shipbuilder in their own backyard, NDP MPP Taras Natyshak says.

“Premier, as you are well aware, the Province of Ontario has lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the last 10 years. The weight of that dismal record is borne disproportionately in the southwest,” Natyshak said in an open letter Wednesday. “My community of Windsor Essex has been at the epicentre of the decline of domestic manufacturing, and that is reflected in an unemployment rate that is now above 11% and has been near the top of that ignominious category for the entire nation for much of the last 10 years.

  • eMan14

    As much as they profess, Liberals don’t care about the average person.

    This bid in question was won by ASENAV in Chile. “Ontario is bound by trade agreements such as the Agreement on Internal Trade that may not allow favourable treatment of local proponents, regardless of the subsidy that may be offered in another jurisdiction,” according to Bob Nichols, a spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
    It is reported that the Canadian bid was within 5% of the winning bid. Now wouldn’t a 5% subsidy be worth it to keep the ship building jobs in Ontario, if subsidies are indeed allowed in countries outside of Canada?
    Just asking…

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Then don’t you have to change federal law and amend the trade agreement?
      Why would Harper scratch her back?
      Also, ewwww.

      • eMan14

        I’m trying to knock that image out of my brain.
        But what I don’t understand, which is a lot, it’s not always the lowest bid that get’s the contract. Such is the case of the Pan Am Games security contract. The Canadian bid was lower, but an American company got the contract. So why can’t it work the same way for the ferry contract?

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I don’t know.
          I can only explain to you the purchasing policy of the stupid hotel I worked at for ten years.
          They required three quotes for everything before they would release a purchase order number.
          Lowest bid always won.
          And this may seem a trivial example, but I’ll use corkscrews to illustrate.
          There were good quality corkscrews on the market and you have to pay for quality that will last for years.
          But, the winning bid was always for some Chinese crap made with white metal and they would always break at the worst time like when you were trying to open a hundred bottles of wine just prior to wine service at a big wedding banquet.
          In the end we spent more on corkscrews because they didn’t last and we had to order them over and over again.
          That place had a sense of false economy that I never understood.

    • I would be alright with this if I knew the average Liberal voter was now bankrupt and forced out of his or her home.

  • El Martyachi

    …. electing communist lesbians has consequences.

  • ontario john

    Everyone is obviously homophobic. You are going to ruin her panam games event that only cost three billion dollars, and negative thoughts will cloud the huge climate change conference she is having next month with great men like Al Gore taking part. What’s the matter with you people.

  • Reader

    I am wondering if any well-connected Liberals are going to benefit from the Chile contract.

  • barryjr

    What is really pathetic is that living in BC I had to find out about this from a “far right anti-muslim homophobic” (please take no offence BCF, I check you out every day) blog linking to the Faux News north wannabe Sun network for this story. If this story was about a government that lay to the right of Karl Marx or had a heterosexual leader you can bet that the “mainstream media” would be all over it, ie the BC ferries built in Germany. Just shows how pathetic and effed up our society is.

  • bob e

    she has no problem facing anyone

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne is a crook and she belongs in prison.