Nine Killed in Shooting at Black Church in Charleston

A white gunman opened fire Wednesday night at a historic black church in downtown Charleston, S.C., killing nineHT_SC_SHOOTING_150617_DG_16x9_992[1] people before fleeing and setting off an overnight manhunt, the police said.

…The police said the gunman walked into the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church around 9 p.m. and began shooting.

  • Oracle9

    My first thought is that this is a direct consequence of race-baiting and inflammatory responses to recent events by the American leadership and its chosen advisors.

    • My first thought is that it was some evil fucker who gunned down innocent people at worship.

      I’m pissed off about race baiting. I haven’t murdered anyone over it.

      • It was an act of evil I will post an update.

      • Oracle9

        You may deny any link to current handling of the recent events, but I would stress that leadership has consequences, and they seem to have done very little to reduce irrational race hatred in the US. My point is valid.

        • Your point is understood, it is a calamitous state of affairs.

        • Well, look, how is this different from some psychopath saying “yeah, I shot two innocent cops in the head, but I just could’t take any more bullshit from whitey”?

          I’m not exactly denying “a link to current handling of recent events”. The guy who shot Reagan thought Jodi Foster would be impressed. But this seems dangerously close to an attempt to make excuses.

          • Oracle9

            I understand your point. I also believe that many are easily led towards evil.

            Willful blindness to this fact of human nature by the administration is playing into a worsening situation. I say willful blindness because there is no excuse for ignorance of this potential. Competence is mandatory in leadership.

            I recall no efforts to mitigate the events from the Trayvon Martin fiasco to the present. The results are the proof.

            MLK would be rolling in his grave, since society has forgotten his wise message.

        • Xavier

          I don’t see anyone denying anything. We don’t know all the facts and would do well to remember that everything we’re about to be told will be filtered through the police, the politicians, and the media – all of whom have an agenda other than revealing the truth.

    • mauser 98

      Barry’s race war

      • Gary

        He incited hatred in Blacks for whites , Obama also started to the new Cop-killing craze.

        The chickens have come home to roost , white folks aren’t going to sit back and let Obama’s islamists buddies or blat yutes get away with terrorism to slaughter whites .

        According to Obama , these were 9 Folks killed by the random act of violence just like the jewish deli slaughter .

        • mauser 98

          ClintonNewsNetwork reported at 3:30 am the shooter was 21… how did they know?

  • John

    This is a terrible tragedy made worse by the fact this congregation has had a history of being attacked for various reasons over the years. It will only serve to reinforce the current views on race that are already skewed beyond all reason. This will also be exploited to the max by race hustlers like Al Sharpton. It’s a very stupid, senseless cruel and counterproductive atrocity.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This will be milked for everything it can.