Nine Dead in Charleston Church Shooting

When a gunman opened fire on Charleston’s Emanuel A.M.E. Church Wednesday, spraying bullets into a group of worshippers gathered for a mid-week prayer meeting, it was as though history repeated itself.

This historic congregation, the oldest of its kind in the South, had already seen more than its fair share of tumult and hate. It was founded by worshipers fleeing racism and burned to the ground for its connection with a thwarted slave revolt. For years its meetings were conducted in secret to evade laws that banned all-black services. It was jolted by an earthquake in 1886. Civil rights luminaries spoke from its pulpit and lead marches from its steps. For nearly two hundred years it had been the site of struggle, resistance and change.

More: ‘Tell the world what happened’: White gunman who shot dead NINE people in mass ‘race-hate’ shooting at historic black church in South Carolina SPARED one woman to spread news of massacre

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  • robins111

    There’s something about this incident that smells.
    First, the AME church group is not so much a Christian congregation as a group of activists, who were intimately involved in the following:
    1) Pigford settlements 1 and 2.
    2) The Trayvon Martin episode with hauling protestors, setting up the protests, funding the challenges etc.
    3) they funded and hosted the Parents of Trayvon on their cross America tours.
    4) They were involved with the protests/riots in Ferguson and the protestors used their churches as bases.
    5) Same with the Baltimore Freddy Grey protests/riots.
    6) too much detail on the shooter in Charleston, how the hell did they know he was 21.

    • mauser 98

      yes! 21? from where? this stinks already

    • We will have to wait and see.

      • Mal

        Correct, sir. As long as someone punches this POS’s ticket; and that right soon.

    • Exile1981

      The pictures of the shooter that police passed out do not look like a white guy, he looks more hispanic than white.

      The church did not list the event at 9PM he went to, so he had to know they were having a bible study of church officials.

      Why leave someone alive?

    • African

      As an African, my advice to the African American community is: leave America
      and return home to Africa. Zaire, (DRC) or even Zambia will still be empty if all the 35 million African American move there. They should think the future of their kids and leave hateful America all together.

  • mauser 98

    a veteran on psychotropic drugs i will guess
    Medicated to Death: SSRIs and Mass Killings

  • Mal

    Whoever and whatever colour this mook actually turns out to be, I do hope he’s terminated as soon as possible.
    Swift reckonings; that’s the ticket!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Obama’s getting that Race war he wants…

    • Xavier

      Charleston police chief: ‘There is absolutely no
      doubt in my mind that this is a hate crime’

      Black kills white, silence.
      White kills black, hate crime.

      • Petey

        Always. It’s open season on Whites. Do they honestly wonder that it comes back on them?

        • Gary

          Japan was taught a lesson in 1945 when you tick-off white people that most non-whites think a passive and can handle the blood and guts of War.

          Obama has now put Blacks back about 60 years by telling them they are still uneducated victims and still live a a racists Nation , this while the Pres is Black and the Attry. General .

    • robins111

      I’m getting real dubious about these events.. Somehow I suspect that these are leading to a rather ugly conclusion.

    • Rupt

      Doubt it. Most likely result from this is:

      Gun Control and Gun Confiscation;
      Elevated attacks on Whites
      Silence in the Media for Whites mur dered by Blacks (Same as now).

    • Exile1981

      I think looking at all the various incidents that he been happening in the US that future historians will look at 2014 and 2015, the riots the knock out attacks etc and say that these incidents where the beginning of the American race war.

  • SDMatt

    If the shooting had been here and the roles reversed CTV News would have said “the suspect is described as average height and wearing jeans.”

    • Gary

      If he was also a muslim the NDP and Justin would say it was a unemployed drug-addict with a mental health problem and that islam had NOTHING to do with it .

    • Clink9

      And he was an aspiring rapper.

  • lolwut?
  • John

    Yes, as people have been saying, just as many Blacks are killed by other Blacks in Chicago almost every weekend. However, routine dustups between rival crack dealers will never get the same publicity as a made-to-order hate crime that ticks more boxes than a ‘progressive’ race hustler could ever dream of. This White moron has given more ammo to such groups as the SPLC, the ACLU than a whole century of KKK lynchings ever could. This is the shirt-waist factory fire of Black Grievance…people will still be talking about this decades from now.

    Rachel Dolezal’s sigh of relief will blow as far east as the Chicago ‘hood and Al Sharpton’s back taxes are ancient history

  • moraywatson

    Today it’s a “hate crime”. What will the truth be in a week?

  • Millie_Woods
  • Yeap

    What did they expect would happen?

    You can’t keep r aping, mur dering, and assaulting Whites at a level comparable to ethnic-cleansing situations and not expect some kind of reaction.

    And yes, the violence in the United States (and world) is on a level comparable to ethnic-cleansing. There are well over 40,000 White females ra ped every year by Black males – other violent actions like mur der and assault are also well up there, too.

    Add in a Regime that has been, since day 1, posturing and pushing racial hatred toward Whites, including covering up crimes against them, oppressing them in society, and constantly attacking them via the Media.. and one of them snapped.

    I expect the Marxist party (Demorats) and their ilk to now push for major gun control – the major demographic that has legal guns are predominately Whites – non-Whites are generally armed with illegal guns. I wouldn’t be shocked if Obama enacted gun control without approval of the people, congress or senate.

  • Yeap

    Every dictator in the history of the world always disarmed the people either prior to, or during their reign of terror.

  • Gary

    No no no , it’s 9 FOLKS that are victims of a random act of violence and RACE had nothing to do with it.
    Justin is waiting for the Experts to give an opinion , for now the NDP say its’ an unemployed drug-addict with a mental illness and NOT a racists terrorism act.

    Thanks to Obama and Holder fuelling the hatred for whites that has resulted in the Riots and looting by rent-a-Mob black youths , the chickens are coming home to roost as they pulled Whitey too far.
    The 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill got a taste of what happens when your Free-speech Right allowing them to provoke the atheist Mr.Hicks and got them killed, don’t tick off an atheist with weapons.

  • mauser 98

    the shooters FaceBook page
    found it on Mediaite…??

    • Mal

      Oh yeah, Mauser, he’s sane.
      Stand by for the “slipped through the cracks”-excuse crowd versus the “black violence and stupidity solves everything” crowd versus CIVILIZATION. Beginning: ….now.
      Anyone looking at that sorry POS must’ve seen the ticking bomb. Whoever let him off the leash should be punished with him. Along with the race-baiters that will be trying to enhance their careers with this atrocity.

      • mauser 98

        Ft Hood shooter made many threats, ties to Muslim Bros. then nothing
        then Bama says workplace violence

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Do they know for sure that’s the shooter? Remember the Aurora shooting…..the media was hounding this guy who happened to have the same name.

      • mauser 98

        yes… i smell a rat

        • Uncle_Waspy

          Okay….just saw a story on Google. That is the guy. But this story is just a little too perfect. This is the KKK Nazi Aryan boogeyman the left has been pining for.

          • mauser 98

            Prozac or other phsychtropic drugs will be involved

          • Uncle_Waspy

            Count on it.

          • Exile1981

            They where having a bible study as part of a leadership meeting, this church does not allow whites to join… why would they allow him to sit in the pews for an hour during a private meeting? It does smell as too perfect.

          • Uncle_Waspy

            That makes no sense at all.

            False flag operation? Nothing is too crazy to consider these days.

            Consider the story of “The Five Stooges of Cleveland” by Jim Goad.

            Here you have five retarded malcontents, probably very bitter and resentful towards a society in which they know they can never participate or prosper. Of course they drift towards anarchy by default. So these bright boys decide they wanna blow up a bridge as the commuter train rolls by.

            Most likely, this half baked brain turd was the product of the 2am public park pot smoking session.

            You know what we should do….we should f**kin blow up a f**kin bridge man!

            (Chorus) F**k yeah, man!

            And the “master plan” never would have progressed beyond that point were it not for their group being infiltrated by a federal agent. This agent hooked them up with an “incendiary supplier” (another agent) and then orchestrated their arrest. The good guys save the day from the evil terrorists….yaaaaaay!

            Nothing like drumming up business for the agency. No doubt this same scenario gets played out again and again.

          • Exile1981

            Who knows but it is totally setting off my BS meter. This story is just odd.