Muslim gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi criticised for ‘revealing’ leotard

A Muslim Malaysian gymnast has been fiercely defended by her fans and supporters after she was criticised for wearing a “revealing” leotard at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games last week – where she took home two gold medals.

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, 21, who won six medals in total, was slammed by some users on Facebook for wearing a leotard that revealed the shape of her “aurat”, which refers to genitalia and other areas of the body, such as thighs, which can be required to be covered according to Islam.

  • pop

    Oh dear.
    So many Imams watching her vagina.
    So many Imans say it’s too rude to see an Islamic vagina doing gymnastics.
    So many Imans wanking.

  • ontario john

    What a slut. She probably is allowed to drive a car as well.

  • Barrington Minge

    Sitting here jerkin the gerkin and thinking about her aurat.
    Does that make me an imam, a mooslim or just a dirty old man?

  • This is how it works, by the way. Contrary to what many assert, not all Muslims are extremists. I’ve said many times, there is probably no moderate Islam, but there are lots of Muslims who just aren’t very Muslim.

    The thing is that the devout Muslims take it upon themselves to police the rest of the Muslim “community”. Especially the women.

    Being in Halifax, I know former colleagues of a relatively notorious Muslim apologist, imam and professor whose name you could easily find. He would take it upon himself personally to hunt down students – any students at the university – who were described as Muslim and insist on knowing whether they were attending a Mosque, dressing as he thought appropriate and etc.

    Muslims have a hard time escaping the umma because the umma follows them around.

    • k1992

      Let me start with this preamble: I’m not trying to be inflammatory. You and I had a discussion on this topic some months ago and I fear that I might have come across as antagonistic toward a muslim friend/colleague of yours. But I do not intend to offend; I’m simply curious and confused by these folk who aren’t seemingly committed to Islam, yet continue to call themselves muslims. Are these lukewarm, not really committed muslims (in your opinion) unaware of the hatred and misogyny that islam actually teaches? It sounds like not since if they were they would disown the ideology (perhaps?)

      Secondly, wouldn’t the fact that it (islam) seems to have creepy people like the professor that you describe attached to it, ring some alarm bells for these people? If nothing else, make them angry? Who the hell is he to tell them how to act, the sharia police? How do they typically react to such harassment and why don’t they chalk up such weird behaviour to a problem with Islam itself, and with how it effects its adherents (not just with the adherents themselves)?

      • moraywatson

        The penalty of death for apostasy is real. EVERY muslim knows that.

        • k1992

          Good point. They all know it, except perhaps for the empty-headed female white reverts who claim islam is love and peace, etc. And then find out the truth too late.

      • Lukewarm, yes. People usually stick to what they’re used to. Much easier to be an I-can’t-really-be-bothered Muslim than to alienate everyone and, yes, possibly get on the bad side of some of the “community’s” enforcers.

        I have one close Muslim friend. She’s not at all devout.

        I agree, this guy’s behaviour is deeply creepy. I’m not exactly a cheerleader for Islam you know. (He also wrote quite a notorious article on wife beating.)

    • moraywatson

      It doesn’t matter if they’re just not “very muslim”. What matters is that they are “muslim enough”.

  • pdxnag

    It could be worse. She could be labelled an apostate and treated like a kafir.

    Would she dare say F— Islam?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope she’s flogged. If only to read a column in the New York Times sort of endorsing that.

  • SDMatt

    Plus the ho is 21, not 9, the desired age in Mohammadanism.

  • moraywatson

    Coming soon, Jihadnastics! The balance burqa. The uneven hijabs. The niqab vault. The chador exercise.

  • Gary

    If the quran creates sex-starve misogynists , don’t blame the women for provoking them to lust for little girls.