Maryland 5th-Grade Social Justice Warrior Demands School Add Islamic Holidays To Official Calendar

She wants to organize “teach-ins”, FFS.

I once had a longish twitter exchange with Saqib Ali, the guy who’s been pushing for Eid holidays and such in Maryland. (Shocking, I know, that precocious little Nora didn’t dream this up all on her own.) He’s since blocked me (of course) and deleted the relevant tweets, but he was warmly defending a Palestinian terrorist’s murder of an off duty Israeli soldier. This case.

h/t Weasel Zippers

  • pdxnag

    Isn’t she old enough under Islam to have her private parts butchered (FGM) and to be captured by some 54 year old Muslim man, following the perfect example Mohammad, and turned into a captive breeder of a whole brood of jihadis? Celebrate that.

    • Gary

      She shouldn’t be in school, this filthy dog should be in the kitchen cooking and in the bedroom pumping out more Jihad-jane/joe’s for allah’s cause.

  • Hard Little Machine

    All of Ramadan? Most kids would endorse that.

  • Morticiaa

    What about the canadian campaign by the muslim brotherhood
    ;fast with a muslim friend. Fir Ramadam
    What a disgusting concept
    Hashtag. Eat everywhere in public during this next month
    To show real canadian values

  • Gary

    Interesting that Muslims have chosen to go after Catholics , Maryland was named for Mother Mary so the protestants could show they embraced the catholics and would give them a State.
    The feminazi’s , islamofascists and homofascists have united to go after the Church as we see how they are silent over ISIS that rapes women and tosses gays from roof tops.
    The real crisis for GLAAD is getting Pizza after a gay wedding or forcing a Christian bakery to make a cake for that same gay wedding.

    Murdering queer’s in the middle east seems to be just fine, so sit back and enjoy the video’s by ISIS that has their gay-tossing event sanctioned by GLADD and Andersen Cooper.

  • P_F

    Disgusting. The fault lies on parents & school teacher, not the child, who has brainwashed her.

  • Gaian

    A video from CAIR, a Hamas terrorist organization. Doesn’t that say it all? The parents of this child need a serious visit from child protective services.

  • Why? Western holidays are far more enjoyable.