Hamas War Crimes in Gaza

It is a cause of wonder, though not surprising, that the international community has not indicted the terrorist group Hamas on charges of war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and violations of international law, for its actions against innocent citizens, both Israelis and Palestinians, during the conflict in the Gaza Strip in summer 2014.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure the united church offices in Gaza are working on the problem. Good news from the Toronto Star today though. They are excited that a group is making plans to bring two thousand Syrian refugees to Toronto. Because that’s what Canada needs right now is more muslims from the Middle East.

  • It is an infection of the cognitive function, a darkness of the soul that begins deep within the individual and spreads outward. The west is being overwhelmed by this infection. It is disconnecting us from reality.

    One by one the anchor chains of reality are being cast off in the name of “progress” and “equality”. Men are no longer not women. People born white are no longer not black. In this case, Israel, struggling to survive with dignity and honor is counted as the villain while the crimes of these scum are never challenged.

  • Gary

    I hope the Lawyers for the Bank Of Montreal at Shields O’Donnell MacKillop LLP now see why I protested BMO and TD/Can Trust for using the Share holders potential Dividends from profits to fund and endorse the PRIDE parade during the 6 years there was a pro-hamas/Sharia group .
    Maybe I don’t see the fun side of hamas murdering gays or using children as suicide bombers, not do I see the women’s Rights equity under hamas to use women as Suicide bombers .

    You would think that there is some Federal Law or a Ontario Securities Commission rule to prevent the CEO’s , or Boards members to quietly steal money from the profits and divert it to a quasi-charity Foundation that metes out money to support an event when they become complicit is homophobia by-proxy since two pro-hamas groups are linked to the event .
    Forget about the BMO Foundation that claims to care about Children while the Lawyer’s know there are naked TNT males exposing them selves around children on Yonge street during the PRIDE parade , there are several Corporations and the Ontario Gov that sponsor this breaking of the Laws for protecting children.

    The fact the Hamas is a terrorist Org and brutally kills gays in public , should have been a Red Flag for the Lawyers that get bags a money every Month from share holder of BMO to protect their image ……not enable child-abuse or funding the event where one Group is linked to Hamas support by-proxy and has a overt jew-hatred in the guise of being pro-Palestine .