French minister blames climate change on NUTELLA

The French environment minister has slammed Nutella chocolate spread saying it is contributing to ‘massive deforestation’ – sparking a feud her Italian counterpart.

Ségolène Royal was being interviewed by French broadcaster Canal+ on Monday when she took aim at the much-loved dip-come-spread for relying on palm oil as a key ingredient.

She said that the manufacture of the hazelnut product was helping drive global warming as it meant the downing of trees, urging foodies to boycott it.

Yes, that is a Costco sized Nutella.

Yes. They really do come that size.

Yes. They really do come that size.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Why does the rest of the world not understand our unique packaging needs here in America?

  • Harold Harry Francis Callahan

    She’s not anyone, she was the Socialist candidate for french presedency in 2007…

    • Millie_Woods

      Nutella de Vil?

      • Zaba

        not much nuts in it…..

  • ntt1

    Feeling kind of smug about my marmite habit, a small jar lasts many months and it is formulated from by products no other person had any use for. Not quite toxic waste but damn close.
    I tried Nutella once A nd it reminded me of a chocolate version of the beef dripping spread my ancient granny used to give me as a treat