25-year-old cat makes mystery journey from Australia to Northern Ireland

An animal welfare organisation is seeking the owners of a 25-year-old cat that apparently made an incredible journey from Australia to Northern Ireland.

The ginger cat was found by Cat Protection in County Armagh last week. He was taken to a vet, who found that he had been fitted with a microchip in Australia.


And… Stray Cat Befriends Family and Leads Them to Her Place with Furry Surprises!

Good Mom

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Two great stories.

  • Look at the subtle but quite distinct heterochromia iridium (different coloured eyes) on Bettydoll.

    • just a thought

      What’s that from again? I think I used to know, but forgot.

  • just a thought

    Someone remind me. At what point in human history did cats domesticate us? 🙂

    • WalterBannon

      they are still working on it…

      • just a thought

        LOL – Good Kitties!

  • Justin St.Denis

    Bettydoll has different coloured eyes. One of the two ferals/strays we are slowly domesticating has a blue eye and a green eye. Our two are taking their sweet time moving in. They have my wife fully attuned to their feeding schedule, however, and they don’t seem to mind that she keeps changing their names. They love sardines. And me, apparently. My shoes, which I left on the veranda overnight, were mauled beyond recognition by morning. They also steal any clothing I leave around and sleep on it. My wife says they are bonding to me. I still call it stealing. But cats do shit like that…..

    • just a thought

      I’ve had some good cats, and a few great cats (in their own special way). It sounds like have some real winners there.

    • Waffle

      They must like your body odour. If they didn’t like you, they would pee on your stuff. So be grateful.

      • Justin St.Denis

        My wife said precisely the same thing. No pee = major crush, apparently. The ginger one maneuvers to position himself under my hand, preferably with my hand on his belly. He lies there for long periods of time while I rub his tummy. And he never lets his claws out, either. Weird….

        • Waffle

          It’s a privilege to be loved by a cat.

  • Waffle

    It looks as if Ireland was on the old cats’ bucket list.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    We need a little talk with our moggies.

  • Joy Freiheit

    The ginger cat is back with his Aussie humans: http://www.u.tv/News/2015/06/19/Globetrotting-cat-mystery-solved-39425