We Muslims MUST stop blaming others for the way our young are radicalised

“…Instead of endlessly pointing the finger at others, the Muslim communities should face up to their own responsibilities. For the fact is that in too many parts of Britain, they have allowed a backward-looking, insular, reactionary Islamic culture to develop, which has undermined social integration and promoted sectarianism.

This climate of division has been a fertile breeding ground for the recruiting sergeants of jihadism, because western liberal democracy has been wrongly presented as something poisonous, dangerous and un-Islamic.”

  • katie

    It’s Ok, it has nothing to do with Islam. Noo… it’s us we’re wicked infidels.

  • Ed

    Funny how the moaning muslims have no need for police help to keep their daughters from becoming westernized. No need for help at all.

    • Millie_Woods

      Good observation. They seem to have that under control.

  • pdxnag

    You cannot be pro Islam and anti Islam at the same time dude. Declare your apostasy or STFU and be GONE!

  • Hard Little Machine

    No no continue to blame everyone else, like all liberals and progressives. You are never responsible. For anything. The upside is that the rest of the world is leaving you behind to crawl over the lunar landscape of Muslim world.

  • moraywatson

    Islam is not part of the problem, Islam IS the problem.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He can start by kicking out the imams who preach or condone jihad promotion.

  • Without Islamic reformation – nothing will change.

    The UK is toast.

    • Blacksmith

      I don’t believe reformation of islam is possible, if you have to ignore too much of the faith in order to reform it will not work.

      • You are probably correct.

        But I am an optimist.

        We in the West could at least try to force a reformation on Islam.

        My first suggestion is education. And it goes like this.

        Let’s dedicate September 11 each year as “Free Speech” and “Islam Awareness” day.

        We celebrate the day, at the thousands of US gun clubs, with shooting contests using Korans wrapped in bacon and Mohammad cartoon targets.

        I am not kidding.

        This would most likely infuriate the US Muslim community. That is just too bad. They need to get a dose of reality.

        They need to collectively ask deep questions about why they want to be in America if they do not stand up for free speech.

        Enough of their whining excuses. I don’t care what Muslims think about their pedophile prophet.

        This is America. And I do not have to believe asinine Islamic crap, and Muslims have no right to teach the hatred found in Islamic theology.

        Muslims – Fix your broken “religion”. Maybe we should even call the day “Muslims – fix your broken religion day”.

        This will start the ball rolling. Know anyone with pull in a gun club. Let’s get it viral.

        Imagine if every gun club in America stood up for “Free Speech” by blasting a fricken Koran “wrapped in bacon”.

        And the jihadis wouldn’t stand a chance at a US gun club.