Toronto Elementary School Students to Get Their Report Cards

Guilt or extortion on the overpaid, heavily unionised teachers’ parts?

You decide:

In a change of plans, the Toronto District School Board revealed Tuesday it is using a variety of staff to help input grades and get report cards out to its 170,000 elementary students by mail by mid-July. “To ensure that all students and parents receive marks in an equitable and timely manner, the TDSB is deploying teams comprised of senior staff and business/operational staff to schools that require additional assistance,” Donna Quan, the board’s director, stated in a letter sent to parents.

“A summary of marks for students in Grades 1 to 8, which will also contain information with regards to attendance and grade placement for the upcoming school year, will be mailed to parents/guardians during the week of July 13.”

Kindergarten students, who don’t normally get grades on their report cards anyhow, will simply get letters confirming their placement for the upcoming school year.

Frustration over report cards has been mounting since the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) decided not to enter electronic marks to protest the intentions of school boards to increase class sizes. The work-to-rule action is permitted because teachers are in a legal strike position.

Although teachers provided marks to principals, larger school boards such as York, Peel and Toronto have decided the cost of having administrators enter the data would be too high. Instead, students in those boards were expected to receive placement letters indicating which class they will be in when school resumes.

The decision has sparked protests by students in several elementary schools, and principals have been overwhelmed by phone calls from upset parents.


  • irishrus

    apparently it is the law… in the education act .. that teachers must supply report cards regardless of contracts or work to rule b.s. so they could have been all legally fired for not providing them… one for the kids! despite teacher unions

    • Teachers can never get fired.

      This is why teachers’ unions should be abolished.

  • David Murrell

    I like the idea, from a BCFer from a previous post on this, that Ontario should pull a Ronald Reagan and fire all of these charlatan-teachers.

    • LauraS

      Yes, I haven’t heard of an North American air-traffic control strike since that happened!

      Also, is it just me, but does anyone else feel a delightful sense of schadenfreude when businesses in the midst of union strikes close up and move to other countries/regions? 🙂

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Its not just you. 🙂

  • LauraS

    Never been happier to have my kids enrolled in private, Christian school. Better academics, good values and an extraordinary (non-union!) faculty who go above and beyond each and every day because they love what they do. Worth the financial sacrifice.

    • simus1

      Your kids have a very smart mom.
      Deadhead parents who send their children to our “public schools” with no thought or interest in the garbage their offspring are are being force fed are beyond the pale.

      • Clink9

        Parents really have to work these days to offset the brainwashing around us. We always referred to it as family or friends being “on the island” with us.

      • LauraS

        They have a smart dad, too! 🙂

        Our kids were in the public system for a couple of years. The “deadhead” parents were the ones who reeked of pot and beer during the “Winter Assembly” (a.k.a. Christmas Concert). We are in an upper middle class neighbourhood–with a couple of co-op housing complexes. The families in those neighbourhoods didn’t give a toss about their kids education–except for the immigrant families. Sadly, the public schools teach to the lowest common denominator so the academics are atrocious.

    • Clink9

      It would be nice to have a voucher system in place for parents that just can’t afford the private option. Our kids have gone to, and had a great experience with the two Catholic schools in the neighborhood.

      A couple of sketchy high school teachers but very good other than that. The last of them finish high school this week.

      • LauraS

        A voucher system would be fantastic! It will never happen because parents would vote with their feet and stampede out of public schools. There are a lot of “only” kids, and families with two working parents in private schools. It’s a big financial sacrifice, on top of an already severe tax burden, but one that’s worth it.

        Glad you had good experience with the Catholic schools. Our eldest will be in h.s. in a couple of years and we are considering that option, as the private Christian high school is a bit too pricey, and there’s no sibling discount! 🙁

        Good luck to your youngest as s/he wraps up high school and prepares for the next big adventure! 🙂

        • Clink9

          Thanks. I know what you mean about the deadbeats and lousy schools. We moved back to Toronto for about a year and found the school scary as they taught down to the lowest common denominator.

          We quickly moved back to the ‘burbs as we realized Toronto had changed so much since we were kids you had to pay for private or get out.

  • Clink9

    Maybe they could see the parents coming with the pitchforks and torches.

  • Edubeat

    PeelDSB just announced they hope to notify parents informally by mid-September of their child’s peogress (grades and learning skills) so educrats come first kids/parents last