The Annual Ramadan Bombathon Begins Tomorrow June 18th

I think this year’s Muslim Murder Frenzy AKA Ramadan will top all others.

The Religion of Peace is your GO-TO site for the daily death toll.

Yemen is off to a nice start with 31 Killed in 4 separate Mosque Bombings on this Murder Frenzy Eve.

  • Ho Hum

    Premier strap-on wishes the goat-fuckers of Ontario a “happy ramadan”. I would love to drop her in the middle of ISIS held territory so she could experience life under an Islamic caliphate.

    Kathleen Wynne

    49m49 minutes ago

    Wishing Ontario’s Muslim community a very happy Ramadan.

  • Ho Hum

    “on behalf of all Canadians” Stephen Harper wishes Muslims in Canada and around the world a peaceful Ramadan

    • Hahaha!

    • (groan)

    • Warrack Nabeal

      Doesn’t Stephen Harper know that “peace” is not part of Islamic vernacular?

      Words like: war, murder, suicide, stabbing, violence, hate, rape, boy-rooting, baby girl bride, bombing, terror(ism), disharmony and any other ẃords pertaining to murderous behaviour are in their everyday lingo.

      “LOVE” is a swear-word and if uttered in ear-shot of the Islamic moral police is more than likely punishable by summary execution!

  • Martin B

    Remember boys and girls, if you kill an infidel for Allah, you don’t have to fast!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hellfires await!
    The missiles that is.

  • May they all kill each other off quickly.