Question of the day: Should Chief of the Defence Staff General Lawson apologize?

Canada’s top general is under fire for comments he made regarding sexual misconduct in the military. Chief of the Defence staff Tom Lawson said the issue in the Canadian Forces is because some soldiers are “biologically wired in a certain way”. Lawson has since apologized for what he calls an “awkward characterization.”

Not a chance, he said nothing wrong.

  • Forced apologies don’t mean anything. Even if his comment was rather stupid (I think and now I duck), it is jumped on by those whose oar-dipping is ideological, not pragmatic or rooted in reality.

    • He really did not say anything horrible, this is just faux liberal outrage.

      • I heard the comment. I thought it was silly but not enough to get into a fury over.

      • Justin St.Denis

        For the life of me, I cannot figure out what people are taking away from his comment. The best I can figure is that he is suggesting that, in an all-volunteer armed forces, the male contingent might enjoy a higher level of testosterone than the Canadian male population on average. This is an observation from a seasoned military man, and likely an accurate one (from my own experience). Is that what people are finding offensive? Please clarify for me because I am really not getting this one AT ALL.

  • canminuteman

    If he hasn’t given his retirement notice yet I bet he does soon. Can’t go around stating the obvious or people might get ideas.

    • Maxsteele

      Not up on the news huh 🙂

      He announced his retirement a couple months ago and PM Harper announced in April, that Lieutenant-General John Vance will be the next CDS.

  • Maxsteele

    I’m surprised that the left are so outraged. Usually it’s okay in their minds to make offensive generalizations about men, Catholics or Jews.

    • Alain

      The outrage is because he dared to state the biological fact that men and women are not the same. For them it is an attack on their narrative that sex, that they call gender, is a social construct and not science based. So trust me it was never about coming to defence of men.

      • ntt1

        Yeah that’s my take as well, it is all about goring a sacred ox of the progressives, this in a week where a male track star announced he was going to try and pass as female. Progressives applauded wildly as this sad castration fetishist was feted to heights not seen since he actually accomplished something and a black bigot was discovered to be white . many joyous progressives want to go there and state that like gender, race is fluid too ,except that would destroy most of their favoured arguments

      • Maxsteele

        Well said.

  • Blind Druid

    Women in the military should have their place as bureaucrats and office staff. Their presence in the front lines of conflict is detrimental to the entire concept of “Armed Forces”. This duty falls to MEN who are trained to kill and be ruthless to the enemy they encounter. Women don’t do this very well. The men know this, and they resent the imposition of female quotas within their ranks. Rightly so, and this is the result.
    “It’s all about the pussification of the 21 st. century male” – George Carlin.

    • just a thought

      Women are also more easily damaged, as I’ve posted before on a related topic.

    • k

      I think women can fight on the fields but as all female troops etc because the sex does get in the way…it’s nature’s paring for continuation of the species.

      Work WITH nature…not AGAINST it

  • Clear Thinker

    If anyone disagrees with his original statement, then they don’t agree with lesbians and gay men when they demand that we accept their statements, that they are “hard wired” to the attractions they have. suck it trebek!

    • Ed


  • Evil Brad

    The true purpose of leadership in the military is to motivate young males who have had only two hours sleep in the last 72 to run screaming across cold muddy fields and stick bayonets into people who are shooting at them. All else is housekeeping. I do not see how his comments detracted from that task, so am not entirely sure what it is he should be apologising for…

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    More liberal pant-wetting over nothing. If it were me, I wouldn’t apologize.

  • Waffle

    i’m very disturbed at how we’ve emasculated our young men. If this keeps up, we won’t have an army. But I guess that’s the objective. Hearing the “man-in-the-street” interviews was very scary! Totally wussed.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Our female friends in Toronto complain that they can no longer tell which men are straight and which are gay. Big bottoms seem to have gone unisex, I’ve noticed. Not attractive or manly when you are shaped like Mae West from behind…….

  • Helios Megistos

    Women do not belong in the armed forces; all officers should resign en masse as a protest against the tyranny of political correctness; let the women and the faggots and the “minorities” defend the Deranged Dominion! I want my country back; Trudeaupia delenda est!

  • Clausewitz

    In the end, political correctness is going to get a lot of troops killed.

    • Helios Megistos

      It has already killed countless troops; no man in his right mind should ever join politically correct armed forces!