Oregon School District Spends $100,000 Each Year On “White Privilege” Training For Teachers

Taxpayers in the Gresham-Barlow school district in the tranquil suburbs of Portland, Ore. spend approximatelyPriv-550x312[1] $100,000 annually on a white privilege conference, according to EAGnews.org.

The week-long “Coaching for Educational Equity” conference occurs in the small town of Cottage Grove, Ore. — some 140 miles away. The conference is mandatory for all school officials. It is optional for teachers.

The “Coaching for Educational Equity” conference is grounded firmly in “white privilege,” which is the bizarre, radically leftist political theory that every white person is deeply racist, even if the racism is subconscious. The organizers also believe that white racism pervades America’s public schools and, in fact, every nook and cranny of American society.

  • pdxnag

    Hey, that’s my high school. Sam Barlow. Been a few years though. We had one black guy in my class. Nice guy.

    The progressive clowns have to mask the racist Black “Affirmative Action” Privilege today with lots of lipstick. Ezra Levant called it a spoils system. I like that label.

  • WalterBannon

    All school officials who attended should be fired for racism

  • Minicapt

    Does the course include instruction on how to increase one’s privilege?


  • Wally Keeler

    I obtained the gender stats of the Kawartha/Northumberland Public School board 5 years ago. The day care system is virtually 100% female. Elementary school had a vast majority of female teachers, secondary school was a clear majority of females, vice principals, principals, and superintendents were all majority female. It has been this way for a generation. The nurturers have total control of the formative years. The matriarchy has landed. It is exceedingly successful. Universities have majority female students in first year. Interesting things will happen.

    • Alain

      It is the same throughout Canada, and I maintain that there is a correlation with the acceptance of this kind of rubbish.

  • Clear Thinker

    Call me when 200,000 lesbians storm Normandy.