Millionaire Loses Fortune After Adopting Orphans

So sad:

A woman who made millions out of coal mining investments is now hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt after she spent her fortune adopting 75 orphans.

Li Lijuan has spent the past 19 years using the money she made from her investments in the 1980s to house the abandoned children.

The former garment business owner from Wu’an County, China, adopted her first orphan in 1994 and went on to adopt dozens more who either lost their parents or were abandoned because of illness or disabilities.

The 46-year-old lost her entire life savings when the coal mine she invested in shut down and she was no longer able to meet the costs of her large family.

She is now some £200,000 in debt – but it hasn’t stopped her raising her adopted children. Lijuan has taken to selling her properties as well as other valuables she possessed.

While volunteers have stepped forward give Lijuan’s foster children new homes, strict adoption laws in China mean the former millionaire has no choice but to refuse their offers.


  • Alain

    She is one admirable woman demonstrating true charity and kindness in a world that has lost its way.

    • just a thought

      As our Sages say, “one candle dispels much darkness.”

  • DD_Austin

    These facts do not “add” up

    1. was worth millions (yen? dollars), did they close the bank too?
    2. in china ( how much to feed a child), 75 Orphans @ a dollar a day
    4, raising her adopted children, strict adoption laws in China (prevent adoption)

    Broke Saint, Orphans, what no life saving operation needed, will Tiny Tim walk
    again Mr Scrooge?

    Sounds like a typical internet scam to get money sent to “help” the children

    • Read the article again and do your math again.

      • DD_Austin

        You getting a cut?

        • Let me know when you grow up.

          • DD_Austin

            You do need adult supervision but I’m too busy to babysit

          • Please keep this up. Your credibility will diminish completely.

  • Millie_Woods

    More worthy of a Nobel prize than the last 20 recipients.