Wynne Government Minister Michael Chan Said To Be Under The Influence Of Communist China

CSIS warned this cabinet minister could be a threat. Ontario disagreed

Canadian intelligence officials suspected Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan was under the undue influence of a foreign government, prompting CSIS to formally caution the province about the minister’s alleged conduct in a 2010 briefing.In the view of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Mr. Chan had developed too close a relationship with China’s consulate in Toronto, raising fears the minister was susceptible to interference from Beijing that could put Canada’s national interests at risk, a Globe and Mail investigation has found. The incident reveals a profound disconnect between the federal spy agency and the province on the question of foreign influence.

The minister, who remains in cabinet, was not suspected of treason, nor was he under investigation for espionage. But Mr. Chan’s unusually close ties to Chinese officials were of such concern to Canada’s spy agency that it took the extraordinary step of sending a senior official to raise the matter at Queen’s Park.

  • David Murrell

    Funny that the Globe and Mail actually took the trouble of investigating the highly-touted Michael Chan. The Globe, if anything, is a mouthpiece for the pro-Chinese lobby in Canada. Just read a few columns by Jeffrey Simpson.

    • For one’s edification:


      Chang’s commentaries on China are very good.

      • David Murrell

        I concede your point, but Globe columnists Jeffrey Simpson and Lawrence Martin are firmly in the pro-Chinese government, anti-human rights-in-China camp. And the Globe editorials tilt in favour of the anti-human rights China camp as well. When Harper — early on in his government — tilted in favour of human rights in China, the Globe and Mail thundered its disapproval. Only when Harper backtracked from this initial policy, did the Globe quieten down.

        I agree Gordon Chang favour human rights, but doesn’t he write from Hong Kong? And isn’t Hong Kong slowly becoming more like mainland China? And amongst the left-wing media cartel in Canada, the pro-freedom voices, as to China, are nearly non-existent. There is a pro-freedom in Canada lobby in Canada, but it is marginalized by the pro communist dictatorship point of view in our establishment media. .

  • Clink9

    Anything to undermine the society she was born in. This place will look like the moon if they keep voting Liberals in.

    • Mao

      Well someone has to buy all billions in Government of Ontario bonds she is issuing!

  • Clear Thinker

    I am certain that csis is so far up his hoop, that they know what noodles he eats with his communist buddies.

  • Waffle

    Very, very interesting. In fact, the fog is lifting and things are now starting to come into focus.

    You have to think about the wanton destruction of our province that has been accelerating since the last election. Who benefits? Sky-high electricity prices have driven out manufacturing and energy-consuming processing to other jurisdictions, both domestic and foreign. Again, who benefits? The failure to develop transportation infrastructure in resource-rich Northern Ontario — again, I ask you — who benefits?
    Ontario is unbelievably rich in a variety of natural resources: cheap hydro power (Niagara Falls), precious and industrial minerals and metals in our North. When you grow up in the North, especially in a mining town, as I did, one develops a certain sensibility and appreciation for this kind of wealth.
    It now seems that these kind of riches have attracted envious eyes and we have in our midst those who would sell us out for a mess of pottage.

    Draw your own conclusions and pray that it is not already too late to recover what we are quickly losing.

  • NoPasaran

    Can one of them talk when the other drinks water?

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Having such a large ethnic population makes it so much easier for the Chinese government to infiltrate and influence our political scene to benefit their interests.The larger their ethnic group becomes the more influence they will have on Canada. This would have been nearly impossible prior to mass immigration but we have now imported (through huge numbers of immigrants) the ability for other countries to manipulate our way of life. Don’t think that the espionage is limited to one or two spies. Australia authorities estimated they had as many as 11,000 spies or sleeper agents planted in their country. One could surmise there the same if not more in Canada. Many ethnic groups and foreign countries are taking advantage of this and in doing so ripping our country apart as they fight for pieces of our once great country.

    • CDN immigration=no security

      spot on!

  • Anyone with close ties to the paper tiger should be monitored.