Trudeau Promises to End First-Past-the-Post Electoral System If Elected

Justin Trudeau wants this fall’s national vote to be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post electoral system.

And, if the Liberal leader becomes prime minister, it may also be the last election in which Canadians can choose not to vote, as well as the last in which the only way to vote is by marking an X on a paper ballot.

Changing the way Canadians vote is just one element of a sweeping, 32-point plan to “restore democracy in Canada” that Trudeau announced Monday.


  • Alain

    This is always another favourite of the Left, which means the man-child just demonstrated he and his party are the same as the NDP. In fact he has been doing this on most issues from the start.

  • Exile1981

    So is restore democracy a secret code for changing the system until it’s kind of like a banana republic so that he is dictator for life?

  • jayme

    The left says Harper is a control freak but if you look at JT plan how can you not say the same thing.

  • Jay Currie

    Or it may be the last election in which there is a Liberal Party – think positive!

    • Exactly! But even if the Libs do win and Justin implants the new voting system, then what happens if the new system gets the Conservatives elected in the following election?!! Liberal idiots don’t seem to comprehend “the law of unintended consequences”. In their lust for power they are willing to change anything in their apparent short-term favour, not realizing that those very changes could guarantee that they never get elected again.
      Dufus dorks…

      • Waffle

        This isn’t as favourable as it looks on the surface. Sorry, but I can’t remember the details to explain why. But, what is very worrisome about the Trudeaupian vision of P.R. is that it completely overlooks the basic architecture of this country (i.e. the federal/provincial split). It would mean avoiding the hassle of having a real debate in parliament about the constitution.
        His father tried something similar with the N.E.P. which was a sneaky, back-door attempt to override the BNA. It sounded good on the surface and appealed greatly to the socialists and commies among us..

        • You’re right of course. (I was just being optimistic). Truth be told, it’s a departure from the democratic principle of “direct representation”. Your “elected MP” won’t necessarily even be from your own riding, much less have a local riding office where you can personally communicate with your representative, re: complaints, petitions, citizen lobbying, bureaucratic irregularities, FOI requests, etc., and all those things a local gov rep is important for. And lots of other weird stuff with the new system that could result in keeping our Government reps out of citizens’ reach. Definitely another step toward fascist Socialism.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      At the least, maybe we could look forward to a merger of the Liberals and the Green Party.
      Stephane Dion would be tickled pink.

      • Jay Currie

        Lizzy May could sort of engulf Justin… Like a giant, green, slug.

        It could work.

  • Clausewitz

    Yeah there Pony good luck with that. All you need is every province and territory, and a 2/3’s majority in both the parliament and the Senate. You can thank daddy. He’s the one who invented the amending formula. Oh and btw any province can invoke the not withstanding clause. Idiot.

    • DD_Austin

      His favourite promises are those he can blame others for not keeping.

      Pony is just another bored rich kid with nothing to do
      , and wants the PMs office for his amusement. and just like
      Stronach, Ignatieff and Dion did.

      If he doesn’t get to be PM watch him also disappear

      • Censored_EG

        One can only hope and pray the disappearing act comes soon!

  • kkruger71

    As much as all the media seem to focusing on getting rid of the FPTP system, the mandatory voting thing to my mind would actually be the bigger (and worse) change he is proposing. I would think that a massive majority of those forced voters would be the most easily swayed by biased media (Liberals good, Tory evil), and empty rhetoric (NDP are for the poor, Tories are pawns of the rich). And if you combine that with ranked ballots, Conservatives would never see the inside of parliament again.

    • DD_Austin

      They aren’t there now.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        True, not real ones.

    • andycanuck

      In Australia forced voting has led to the Donkey Vote. People go out and get drunk, then vote their rated preference in numeric order from the top down. I think sometimes the parties tried running people with “A” surnames so they’d top the ballots in alphabetical order to take advantage of this voting preference.

      • FactsWillOut

        In Alberta, they voted NDP, for no reason at all.
        Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.

  • I believe simple IQ tests will root out the morons.

    THEN Trudeau can make every vote count.

  • Waffle

    IF you were paying attention, Kathy said exactly the same thing last year. Dalton tried to pull that stunt a few years ago but when people found out how it really worked they rejected it. I think it was the only decent thing that Dalton ever did. Kathy is much more bloody-minded and gives her finger (pardon the pun) to the democratic process. Watch out kids!

  • karra

    This is what happens when the 12 Days of Christmas become 12 hours of rum and cokes for McCallum who happens to have the ears of the Shiny Pony.

    • Waffle

      Ya think? I heard a retread of his eulogy with additional lines from Butthead.

  • Liberal Progressive


    • Observer

      Is that anything like a “Reich that will last a thousand years”?

  • ontario john

    Liberals whether provincial or federal will lie, steal and cheat to grt elected. And what’s this I hear on the news that CSIS is investing one of Wynne’s cabinet ministers for being under the influence of a foreign power?

    • andycanuck

      Word search “chan” on the BCF home-page, John, to get the various reports about it so far.

  • FactsWillOut

    FPTP was what almost killed UKIP, and denied them any power at all, no?
    Conservatives, our own worse enemy.

    • simus1

      FPTP resembles a gigantic flywheel in that while it is very hard to build fast momentum for alternate rule by a different political party taking power, steady growth of popular support for opposition party ideas puts immediate pressure on the policies of the governing party. If that party fails to correctly respond to the popular will, the momentum for change will grow stronger and stronger until a decisive change occurs. That is the key, decisive change may cause serious short term disruption, but prop rep always has the possibility of “tail wagging the dog” long term political gridlock and blackmail which can be devastating to an economy..

      • FactsWillOut

        Funny how it always shifts thing towards totalitarians, eh? I’ve never seen a “protest vote” leaning towards the right.
        It’s ALL BS.

        “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”
        -Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain.

        • simus1

          “I don’t vote. It just encourages them.” (Mae West quote)

  • simus1

    Prop rep is an ideal unstable system prone to producing corrupt political wheeling and dealing in pursuit of “difficult to achieve consensus”. It usually also ensures that unpopular repugnant political scum of the earth leaders and their cronies no longer have to indulge in the rough and tumble crap shoot of local riding battles to retain political power. Its obvious attractions for Liberal and NDP career politicians should be enough for normal people to quickly dismiss it from any serious consideration.