Obama’s Cascade of Iran Concessions Continues

This morning the Wall Street Journaleditorializes on the latest concessions in President Obama’s pursuit of his Lausanne legacy: (1) defunding the Lebanese civil-society initiative that was an alternative to Iran-sponsored Hezbollah; (2) removing the CFO of the A.Q. Khan nuclear-proliferation network from the sanctions list; (3) eliminating sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program; and (4) ending sanctions on 23 of 24 Iranian banks. These come on top of: (i) early elimination of all nuclear sanctions, (ii) waiving answers to outstanding International Atomic Energy Agency questions before signing a deal, (iii) a huge “signing bonus,” (iv) the lack of “anywhere, any time” inspections, (v) subjection of “snap back” sanctions to an unrealistic administrative process, (vi) failure to dismantle any centrifuges (which will simply be stored) or facilities (which will continue to operate), and (vii) the sunset provision that guarantees Iran nuclear capability at the end of the agreement. And these are not likely to be the last concessions.

  • Just look at the bust of Lincoln behind him in the picture! Lincoln is hanging his head in shame- as should we all.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      I never knew the founders were warmongers. They were mostly isolationist. They were for economic nationalism and Lincoln was known for the Greenback, a value based currency that made America into the richest nation the world had ever seen. It is a shame people think America was great due to free market economics when in fact it was the fact that America was great for its independence and its debt-free money. People have to realize that Russia also helped out America a lot in the early days of the US nation.

      • mobuyus

        You’re a cheerleader for the enemies of the west therefore, you are the enemy and will be treated as such. Fuckin clown!

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          Many of the wars these days are about the US dollar being protected rather than anything else. The US is the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world thanks to both parties. I don’t cheerlead no one. I merely want them to change their foreign policy position to no more war and peace only! You are hypocritical for claiming to support peace in any form especially when your only solution is war. GD imperialists!

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          It’s easy for someone to scream at their monitor. Lousy chicken hawk!

          • mobuyus

            Chicken hawk. Is that the best you got you rancid piece of monkey shit.

          • Okay, okay, please tone it down.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            I am not even on the same level as him. He could be violating BCF terms.

          • Cool it please guys.

  • Xavier

    Second Nobel Peace Prize material.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Would calling Obama a surrender monkey be considered racist?

  • Obama is clearly out of his league.

    To make matters worse he is a taqiyya spewing Muslim.

    Expect it to get worse before this clown is gone.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Well the WSJ is just a partisan newspaper for Republican foreign policy, with no objectivity at all. Obama is not a Muslim, but his foreign policy is closer to GWB’s than you think. Think about. The amount of wars Obama has launched is similar to GWB’s. Both are war-hawks.

    Iran has to be dealt with in a diplomatic way because Russia and China are backing Iran.

    Unless you want to cause WW3, which would be a huge mistake, and would eventually draw in Russia and China.

    The US cannot afford anymore wars and their hands are tied. The US also created a blunder in Libya, so their past track record is very reckless. What makes the US think a new war is a good idea?

    Much of the Republican supporters, based on the Muslim issue of Obama, are conspiracy theorists just like the birther issue.

    • mobuyus

      They’re just not killing you assholes as hard as you should be killed.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        The US for most of its history has been involved in war, so there is nothing to be proud of. They are biding their time for an inevitable war with Iran, and BCF should admit that they have never met a war they didn’t like. So much for being peaceful Christians, huh!

        • mobuyus

          You muslims believe that Christians will keep turning the other cheek. But when they have no more cheeks to turn their Prophet left it up to them what to do. And when the bullet hits the bone you will find the Russians are not going to their destruction to help lying thieving islamic goat humpers such as yourself and nor will the Chinese. You fuckers will have to endure more catastrophic humiliation, again wholly self inflicted. 1.25 billion mainly uneducated muslims are no match for 7 billion people that have almost had enough of you clowns.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Well Christians don’t turn the other cheek. They hide their religion behind imperialism and still wage the wars so claiming to righteous won’t work since all three major religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism are not peaceful by any stretch. I am atheist so you clearly are grasping at straws. All I want is the US and the West to end these wars and bring the troops home. The Russians and Chinese, through BRICS, have aligned with Pakistan, Iran and other nations. Clearly Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Gulf states are on our side and we are supporting the proxy wars between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you are clearly buying the propaganda. I am skeptical so at least I have a mind. You buy into ideological groupthink.

          • mobuyus

            Once again moron islam is not a religion. Therefore there is no point reading any thing you post.