National Post Writer Goes Full Drama Queen In A Burqa – Blames Harper For Canada’s Rampant Islamophonia

From Ishmael Daro – “The latest Statistics Canada figures show that hate crimes against all religious groups declined an astonishing 22 per cent in 2013. But for Muslims, the trend is in reverse. Anti-Muslim hate crimes rose by 44 per cent. The National Council of Canadian Muslims, a civil rights groups that tracks hate crimes independently, says its own numbers for this year show a more dramatic and alarming rise.

There are many factors that contribute to the disturbing trend, but it’s increasingly clear that the federal government is at least partly to blame for the growing climate of fear, intolerance and hostility. The Tories have adopted the laziest anti-Muslim rhetoric to suit their own political ends ahead of the election.”


My Goodness there must be a Tidal Wave of Islamophobia in Canada according to the NatPo writer!

A 44 per cent increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes!

Then there are the actual stats, Police reported 65 crimes motivated by hatred against the Muslim religion in 2013.

65, count em.

Can’t you just feel the Islamophobia!

From Statscan with a link below

In 2013, there were 326 police-reported hate crimes motivated by hatred of a religion or religious group — 28% of hate crimes. Hate crimes targeting Jewish populations were the most frequently reported, accounting for 56% of religious hate crimes in 2013 (16% of all hate crime incidents) (Chart 8, Table 7).

“Unknown Religions” were attacked 10 times!


The Post writer must live in a dreamworld or he’s a useful idiot dupe of the Muslim Brotherhood NCCM whom he quotes.

The pic above are Christians being lead to their death by devout Muslims.  That is Islam.

h/t JEH

  • jayme

    The x factor is this could be a set up by other muslims take Ottawa last year there was defacing moques but in fact it was done by other muslims to make it look like there is a huge anti muslim agenda.

    • That has happened on more than one occasion in the states, do you have links to these Ottawa incidents?

      • Look out Kitty, this posting will probably be counted as part of the increase in anti-muslim crimes for this year. You see, telling the truth about a hateful religion doing hateful things is often taken to be a crime. And what other sort of crime would it be?

  • Ron MacDonald

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it were discovered he was paid by Muslims to write that article.

    • It such a shoddy piece of propaganda I doubt anyone would actually pay him for it.

  • Alain

    His statement that the federal government is at least partly to blame for the growing climate of fear, intolerance and hostility concerning Muslims needs to be corrected. Muslims and their behaviour alone are fully to blame for a growing climate of fear, intolerance and hostility.

    • WalterBannon


  • sanwin

    That being said, the comments indicate that Canadians aren’t buying this bullshit any longer.

    • WalterBannon

      that is not enough, Canadians need to start demanding an end to all muslim immigration

      • Petey

        And repatriation of all Muslims here now. This is out of genuine good will. They’ve declared war on Western Civilization. And Western Civilization has been very good at cultural genocide when it puts its mind to it. I can’t predict the future but even odds it ends badly for them (I’m a realist, the other even odds is that it ends badly for us).

  • canminuteman

    Of course the government is partly responsible. They let them in. If they weren’t here we wouldn’t hate them nearly as much.

    • Petey

      It’s a deliberate policy. What the final purpose of it all is I just can’t figure out.

  • G

    There’s no point in reading newspapers in Canada anymore. There is no diversity of opinion. You know EXACTLY what sort of viewpoint will be presented on any given subject matter.
    Their choice of the stories reported, their choice of facts presented (and ignored) in those stories is as predictable as the next sunrise. (OH WAIT! Not THAT random!) How about ….as predictable as the next supreme court decision. (There! That’s better).

  • WalterBannon

    Remind me, how many plots to blow up Muslims have there been?

    Oh, zero you say.

    and how many muslims have been decapitated by any westerner, let alone by a canadian?

    Oh, also zero. Hmmm.

    time for these marxist social “justice” warriors to STFU

  • Exile1981

    The rcmp announced months ago after viewing the video of that cold lake mosque vandalism that no charges where going to be laid. That tells me it was the mosque members who did it.

    • Interesting. Do you have a link?

      • Exile1981

        I called them and asked about it. I told them I wanted to do a follow up story on the incident and was looking to find out who they caught. They said that no charges where being pressed and that they didn’t have anything to say about it. They were very evasive, thankfully they didn’t ask which paper I was with. I just said I was with the paper and they assumed I worked at the local paper.

  • David Murrell

    The National Post hired wackjob Ishmael Daro, in order to establish more left-wing cred, before being bought up by the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail. My oh my does the righty, leftist media cartel have profits to spare! The National Post is one dead duck, ready for purchase.