MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson: Rachel Dolezal is More Black Than Clarence Thomas

So “black” doesn’t mean “black”, it just means left wing. Thanks for clarifying, jackass.


  • The Butterfly

    I’m a butterfly. #WrongSkin

  • Lets fill in the unsaid part of this. She is more black than Clarence Thomas because to a liberal like Dyson black people are infantile fakers, slackers and dummies who need the help of liberals white people to even continue to eat sleep and poop with any regularity. Any black person who lifts himself up to success and dignity by his own effort without the express permission, ideological validation and charity of the liberal establishment (recognize anyone here BHO?) is “not black”. If this isn’t racism, what is?

    • Blacksmith

      It is racism, it is just buttwipes like Dyson who can’t be accused of it since they are black, and everyone knows blacks can’t be racist. I almost can’t wait for society to collapse and all the pc bullshit goes away.

  • I’m actually most disturbed about Dolezal apparently being 37 years old. I really hope she’s lying about that too and shaved around a decade off.

    • Ugly is as ugly does

    • Blacksmith

      It is not he model year it is the mileage……..

    • El Martyachi

      Pfffffttt…. 37? Get in the ground already sideshow bob!

  • Tom Forsythe

    If black people ever realize that black is not the same thing as left wing, the Democratic Party is doomed.

    • Clausewitz


      • Bob Smithers

        Baltimore and Detroit are textbook examples of the effectiveness of Democratic rule for over 40 years.
        Paragons of Utopia……………………oh, wait!

  • Hard Little Machine

    As a white African American I am blacker than y’all.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect that when black people complain about her, they’re looking over their shoulder and remembering a half century ago their ancestors fight against the “One Drop Rule”. But to be fair, Dolezal probably has more first hand experience and history with the black experience in America than Obama, who has ZERO cultural and racial history tied to the American black experience. His dad wasn’t American and barely lived here. His formative years were in a foreign country and he was reared by middle class white people in one of the least black-racist states in America, at least in terms of how whites treat blacks.

    I suppose though it’s really no different than white upper class Ivy-league ex debutante types making a career out of ‘feminism’ when their only experience with male oppression was that one time they couldn’t place tennis at the private club because the courts were reserved for men on Tuesday mornings. Or the Occupy Everything retards who go home every night to their parents-paid-for loft in SoHo and then blog about The Man!

    • Obama has never even smelled a ghetto.

      Fakers are the genuine article, it seems in this topsy-turvey world.

      • Bob Smithers

        But, but, TRAYVON, coulda been his son, or something like that….

  • Justin

    Dyson is still vying for Moron of the Year I see…

    • Bob Smithers

      He’s an annual participant in the contest, by default. Remember, though, he has plenty of competition from his compatriots……MadDog, Mr Tingles, Fauxcahontas….

  • SteveC73

    Dyson has said a lot of dumb things, but this pretty much takes the cake….chitlins? Whatever: as always with the Left, it’s all about their agenda and they condemn or forgive illogically depending on what they want and what they support or loathe.
    The Lefties are the enemy of the constitutionally chartered USA. Continue to let them get away with their crap, pay them all too well, and not marginalize them socially and financially, and you’ll lose the USA.

  • Why black Americans continue to pick cotton on the democratic plantation is beyond me.

  • Chatillon

    “Does she need to apologize?” — from the video

    Yes. First to her parents and then to everybody that she foisted her psychopathology on. This would be the first step towards recovery of an adult sense of self.

  • Frances

    And here I was thinking I could self-identify as a “Clarence Thomas” type black. Guess not.

  • WalterBannon

    more mentally ill marxists

  • Rob a man of his identity because he is not a liberal.

    And there one has the liberal moral compass.

  • Alain

    I am catching on. Race/colour is solely determined by one’s political persuasion and has nothing whatsoever to do with race/colour.

  • David Cult

    In other words, to be black is to be a victim. Wrap yourself in the victim flag and wallow in a mire of victimology.