More UK Muslim Appeasement as Teacher is “Banned for Life” from Teaching



Banned for LIFE!

She is reported to have once remarked, “If we have any more Muslims in here it’s going to start looking like Al Jazeera”

Odd, all of her documents and reported offences seem to involve Muslims making complaints against her.

  • Martin B

    Another reminder that the Muzz could not do a tenth as much harm if there weren’t so many cowardly traitors in the Western body politic.

  • Allan

    There is a sickness in the UK spread by Muslims and infecting every level of government and police.

    • Alain

      Yes, that sickness is cultural marxism which is being very successfully used and exploited by Muslims. We have the same sickness in Canada something we share with every Western country. It is just more advanced in some places than others.

  • Waffle

    England is screwed, blued and tattooed. Very painful to read how the corpse is being devoured by vultures. I’m probably being overly pessimistic, but I see no hope for recovery. Useful idiots, pat yourselves on the back. You have done your job well.

    • Exile1981

      Using your analogy I would say it’s less about vultures fighting over the corpse as it is about necrophiliac’s fighting over it.

  • Helios Megistos

    Something has to give; there has to be a least a few highly placed individuals within the security apparatus who understand clearly what is actually happening to Ukistan; somebody has to rise to the occasion and DO SOMETHING!

  • pdxnag

    You’re next. So shut up until until it is your turn.

  • cmh

    coming soon to a canada near you, courtesy of the canadian charter of rights and freedoms.

  • Exile1981

    I wonder if she actually did all those things or if the local muzzies just got mad at her and decided to use the hate crime laws and HRC as a weapon?

    • Alain

      It matters not, since the end result is always the same, but you raise a valid question.