Megan Leslie’s Flight to Alberta A Costly One for Taxpayers

Megan Leslie, who represents the Halifax riding, expensed $6,365.83 for a trip from Ottawa to Edmonton, then back to Halifax.

Her colleague, Robert Chisholm, flew return from Halifax to Edmonton for one-sixth of the price — $1,044.84.

“I will admit I did fly business class also I know that my return flight was booked last minute because I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to return due to meetings I was having in Edmonton,” Leslie said Tuesday.

She thinks the cost of her flight may have skyrocketed because it was a multi-city trip, meaning Leslie didn’t fly back into the same city she departed from. She flew to Edmonton from Ottawa because she thought flying to Halifax to catch a flight west didn’t make sense.

Leslie says she’ll think long and hard about doing that again, if that’s what drove up the price.


(Sidebar: sure, Megan.)


One remembers Megan Leslie:

Halifax MP Megan Leslie is heading to Washington on Tuesday to urge U.S. legislators to hold off on deciding whether to approve the massive Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to Texas.

Leslie, the NDP’s environment critic, along with natural resources critic Claude Gravelle, plans to meet with several U.S. senators and congressmen before returning home late Wednesday. …

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called approval of the pipeline “a no-brainer.” But last week, the U.S. State Department delayed its decision on whether to approve the pipeline until 2013 — after next year’s presidential election.

The Harper government has been a huge proponent of the pipeline, touting it as a major source of new jobs. Leslie has been vocally criticizing that approach daily during question period in the House of Commons.

“Harper’s been down there saying it’s a no-brainer,” Leslie said Monday. “But I don’t think he’s bringing the voices of a lot of Canadians. That’s only a particular sector who think this pipeline’s a good idea.”

  • Frances

    Her riding is No Where Near Alberta, so why’s she billing me for coming out here? This makes the Senate expenses picayune in retrospect. At least I learned a lot from listening to Senator Anne Cools speak.

    • Waffle

      The Senator was quite the radical in her day, back when causes made sense. Would have loved to have heard her.

      • Frances

        Am old enough to remember her radical days; have enjoyed hearing her recently. It would be a shame should she be silenced because of the greediness of other senators.

  • Exile1981

    she’s one of the imports that came out to clap for the throne speech the other day. The couldn’t find enough locals to do the job.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Why didn’t she take a solar powered aeroplane?