Jeb Bush Launches His Presidential Bid

Let the stew of mixed characters boil over:

Jeb Bush once said he would run for president only if he could do it “joyfully.”

On Monday, Mr. Bush gave America his answer, announcing his candidacy for president before an enthusiastic crowd at Miami Dade College, including Bush family matriarch Barbara Bush, other family members, leaders of the Florida Republican establishment, a large Latino contingent, and well-wishers waving “Jeb!” signs.  

“I will run with heart,” said Bush, a former Republican governor of Florida and the son and brother of former presidents. “I will run to win.”

Isn’t that touching?


  • Clink9

    What is the family fetish in North America. Kennedy, Bush, Turdeau………

    Get over it.

    • Petey

      Clinton? Superior genes, I guess. Hmm, or maybe it’s money ….

  • k1992

    I don’t know how much chance any Republican has with the leftist wind blowing through America (and pretty well all the West) these days. But if they pick this clown, it will probably be about nill.

    • Xavier

      Bush is a big government Republican and if the public turns against the media’s Progressive choice then Jeb is a viable alternative for them. He’s basically Hillary with a real penis instead of a strapon.

      • k1992

        So a Republican who actually seems to be conservative in a traditional sense such as, say Ted Cruz or Bobby Jindal, will have no chance for the nomination, let alone the presidency? Seems that way.

        • Xavier

          Don’t ever underestimate the power and treachery of old money and a complicit media. 😉

    • Tom Forsythe

      There isn’t a leftist wind blowing through the US. The Democrats didn’t convince Americans to vote for them, they just imported a bunch of Latin American socialists.

      • Alain

        I think you are correct. The chattering class would like us to believe there is such a leftist wind or conversion to leftist politics. It is the same in Canada, where according to the chattering class (media party, etc.) all true Canadians are leftists by default.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I still remember the discussions from the 2000’s about GWB and the fact that everyone knew he was the most conservative candidate the Republican party had ever selected since Reagan, yet now everyone calls him a liberal Republican because he caused the financial crisis and now the base is looking to go even more neocon because there is no Ron Paul in the field of candidates. Even his son, he wants war on demand. It clearly shows that the field just wants a flat tax, wars on demand and removing regulations. They clearly do not know what to do other than cater to big business which the nation is about. Think about it. The SuperPACs are a big giveaway. The same with the massive disparity between rich and poor. There is also the massive disparity between those with means and those that have disposable income. The US also gave away much of its manufacturing prior to the financial crisis. How is the US supposed to compete when it seems like it has already been hollowed out?! The Republican field while it may appear strong has nothing to offer the average American, when most of them are hypocritical on foreign policy and hypocritical when it comes to handling the issues related to income inequality, the jobs crisis and affordability. If they are just going to be corporate welfare schemes and proposals then the nation will go deeper into debt and deeper into inequality as if has been going for 34+ years.

  • pdxnag

    Sweet. Like anti-freeze.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Zeppo Bush vs Shemp Clinton.

    • Clausewitz


  • I think the Republicans want Bush as the sure-short. Cruz is a better candidate, I think.

  • screwing your citizenery

    He wants to let the illegals stay working in the USA
    …ah… Jeb… just how MANY tent cities have you got?
    I’m sure all those people living in tent cities would like the chance to earn some money to be able to BUY THEIR HOUSES BACK!

    Just screwing your citizenry one illegal at a time

  • just a thought