Dane Right

“The reason why is that we have a problem with integration in our society. We need to be open and honest about this. If you look at the current situation, almost 50 percent of people in Denmark of a non-Western background are on some kind of public support,” he explained, also noting that the number of asylum seekers had quadrupled since 2011 when he was Prime Minister. the local

There is the happy prospect of a center/right victory in the up coming Danish elections and a good deal of the impetus for that is the problems which Denmark is having with its vibrant, largely Muslim, migrants. Unlike the Swedes who have effectively banned political discussion of multi-kulti, the Danes are more than a little annoyed with their current left wing government’s apparent willingness to welcome “refugees” with open arms.

Good for the Danes.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Maybe they will get there asses in gear and institute workfare.
    For the wives and kids, too.