Conspiratorial Anti-Semitism: From Juan Cole to Diane Rehm

David Bernstein, writing for the Volokh Conspiracy at the Washington Post, points out that the brand of conspiratorial anti-Semitism underlying National Public Radio (NPR) host Diane Rehm’squestioning last week of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ nonexistent dual Israeli-American citizenship is exemplified by, among others, University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole…

  • OT: My cat just put another mouse in my room.

    Would anyone like a free cat? She’s friendly and cute. If you want mice in your room, and sometimes to be woken up by being clawed in the face, she’d be absolutely perfect.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      She sounds like a keeper!
      My cat, “Buster” used to bring me love offerings like that.
      Rats, and their parts, live birds in my bed… all kinds of cool stuff.

      • The theory is that when they bring you live things it’s because they’ve noticed that you’re crap at hunting and they’re trying to help. “Here, idiot. I brought you a mouse. I put it right in your bed. Surely even you can figure out how to make it dead. You’re going to starve to death at this rate.”

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I think by now she has gotten the message that my hunting skills “rawk” as I am her sole source of food.
          ‘Hates all women that come into my house, but I think that’s a left-over magic spell that was never removed by an exGF whom my sisters insist she really did put a spell on the cat.
          Before “the spell” Buster did not know I existed. Afterwards, she will only leave my bedroom to eat and use the cat box, or if I am out of the room for more than a few moments.

    • Blacksmith

      I just got rid of a donation this morning as well, Problem is identifying which one brought me the headless gift.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Speaking of Cat, the belling of, and Mouse and NPR ; do we all remember this bit of hilarity?

  • David Murrell

    My wife and I drove the Ontario-New Brunswick route home, this past Sunday morning, finishing our vacation. And driving through the Quebec route — trying to keep up with the news of the attack on the Dallas police station — we were forced to listen to National Public Radio and CBC radio, given the lack of English-speaking stations along the way. The programs are similar in structure, pretentious urban-liberal talk interspersed with folky/blues music (say only two songs an hour).

    The NPR show had a piece on Muslims integrating into the US, where they praised the hijab and other such rot. What was funny was the “sponsorship” pseudo-commercials, of this fat-cat foundation or some other, sponsoring the rubbish on the radio. These tedious strings of pseudo-commercials would run some five minutes, all run together. The CBC radio ran a unintentionally hilarious hour-long show on aspects of “fishing”, where all of the pieces were produced within the Toronto city limits, albeit that the CBC did not title the hour with Toronto in mind. One piece had to do with some urbanite relieving his guilt feelings, where as a boy in a gang of kids he killed scores of guppies. Another had to do with this Indian social worker having his young charges “fish” in a Toronto swimming pool, stocked with small fish for the occasion — as a way of having them experience the art of fishing. I am not making this stuff up. CBC Radio, in describing fishing to its audience, did not think that doing at least one story in a rural area would be important.

    What conservatives — in not listening to NPR or CBC radio — do not realize is how God-awful the programming has become.

    • Sir Roderick Spode

      Well serves you right for being lazy. Load up your media with The Teaching Company and

  • Hard Little Machine

    Paranoia is the handmaiden of antisemitism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Academic tenure has replaced patriotism as the last refuge of scoundrels.