[Asian] Thug(s) Attacks U.K. Transvestite as Friends Shout “KILL HIM, KILL HIM”


A violent thug jumped out of a car to launch an unprovoked attack on a transvestite who was waiting at a bus stop, police have said.

The cross-dresser was waiting for a bus in east London when the man pulled up and asked “How much do you want?” before beating him up.

The victim, who suffered a broken nose, could hear the man’s friends shouting “kill him, kill him” from the car throughout the ordeal.

Detectives today issued an appeal for witnesses over the assault on Saturday May 16, which happened at about 1.30am in Green Street, Forest Gate, near to the junction with Marlborough Road.

Detective Constable Ben Rouse said: “This was an unprovoked attack. This suspect is clearly willing to use violence against innocent members of the community.”

The attacker was described as an Asian man, aged between 17 and 20 and about 5ft 4in tall. He was wearing a brown jumper, brown trousers and a blue cap.

  • They are coming for you Bruce Jenner!

    • The Euro-Islamic civil war has started.

      This is just one small battle.

      There will be LOTS more.

  • Blind Druid

    “ASIAN” — Those damn Tibetan Buddhists again!

  • roccolore

    “Asian” means Muslim, but the media is too PC to care.

    • Alain

      Right you are. It is just a matter of understanding their code for Muslim.

  • Clink9

    Clockwork Orange. They’re coming for you.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Alternate headline……

    Glam Slammed Waiting For Tram

  • MannieP

    {SHRUG} They voted to disarm themselves. I hope they enjoy being beaten and robbed.

  • Xavier

    Apparently the Qur’an precludes public trans-portation.

  • john700

    So what’s the idea here? That normal people should fight Muslims to protect deranged homosexuals? No, thanks.

    • Alain

      We fight them for different reasons. As for defending the homosexuals, that will happen when they get on board with defending freedom and liberty for all instead of trying to push big queer down our throats.