Analysis of the Papal Encyclical on “Climate Change”

From the guys in the know:

Watts Up With That has a rough translation of the leaked document.

Take that for what one will before the official release of the encyclical.

Climate Depot‘s remarks:

The Vatican and the pope should be arguing that fossil fuels are the moral choice for the developing world,” said Marc Morano, who runs the website Climate Depot and once worked as an aide to Senator James M. Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican and climate change skeptic.



  • just a thought
  • Gaian

    You want to see what this fool pope is really supporting?
    The Vatican = dirty money
    The Vatican = pedophile priests
    The Vatican = centuries of flat earth “science” and murdering scientists
    The Vatican = torture, maiming and murdering women to this day
    The Vatican = good real estate for low income housing.

  • BillyHW

    Even retards should get to have their very own pope once in a while.

  • simus1

    The marxist cardinals wanted a marxist pope, so they elected one capable of superbly playing the friendly idiot as well. Two for the price of one.

  • SMC_BC

    I think it is very odd people aren’t waiting for the official Encyclical instead of trusting a three (plus) week old discarded draft.

    • Sir Roderick Spode

      Even when it does come out the story will be the commentary not the actual document. Humana Vitae was the same. It’s a bit like the IPCC V5.0 – folks will be using it as a plank for making extravagant CAGW claims when the document doesn’t support it. I wonder if they do read it – probably do but chose to misrepresent it to add authority to their campaign.