Well he is named Adolph…

A Chief Rabbi of Russia Supports Those Who Hang Gays

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  • Martin B

    Does Rabbi Adolph realize that the only reason the Islamic State isn’t throwing Jews off tall buildings is because pretty much every last Jew in Iraq was massacred or driven out decades ago?

    • I’m not sure Adolph gets that at all.

      • just a thought

        In lieu of an accurate translation, I’m not going to accept that he “supports” in contrast to “doesn’t oppose” as in, if it’s not your fight, keep your nose out of it. There is a difference, and it does matter.

        There were a number of things the article itself “doesn’t get,” like when it mocks him for the apparent contradiction between the need to obey a country’s laws and and the need to obey Torah. If they tell you to eat pork or violate Shabbos, for example, then Torah takes precedence. Otherwise, the Torah obligation is to keep the laws of wherever you are. That’s basic stuff, and if the author doesn’t bother to get that straight, and spins it to make fun of the Rabbi, then why should I trust anything he “reports?”

        He’s not the “Chief Rabbi,” although he is head of a confederation of Orthodox Jewish organizations. This guy is the official Chief Rabbi of Russia.

        And, while not all gays are activists, those who are do present as significant a threat to society, after all.
        My understanding is that the Rabbi probably meant he wasn’t opposed to a country dealing with that threat as it chose. While some are harmless enough, many are not.

        • “Otherwise, the Torah obligation is to keep the laws of wherever you are.” – Yes, and clearly, this is a marked difference with Muslims, who are against respecting the laws of the lands where they are immigrants, and instead try to impose Shariah everywhere.

    • just a thought

      IS kills everyone deemed “other,” indiscriminately, and Jews are all but gone from most Muslim lands. Oddly, there are still Jews in Iran, and, while often harassed, they aren’t being thrown off of buildings, …yet.

  • just a thought

    Google Translate gives a crude idea of what was said in the interview. He says he wouldn’t hang gays, but those who do have a justification. There’s a lot of what he said that, even if correctly translated wouldn’t make sense to people unfamiliar with what Torah law actually is in theory and in practice.

    Also, from the translation it does look like he supports it. Probably because according to the Seven Noahide Laws, sexual deviance is forbidden, and the nations who execute people for that are “within their rights,” so to speak.

    Why is it forbidden? Because it leads to the destruction of social order, as you can well see from Ms. Wynne’s radical agenda. You yourselves know how destructive they can be.

    • Yes, homosexuality is explicitly forbidden for Jews by the Torah, and for non-Jews too by rabbinic interpretation of the 7 laws for benei Noach. However, nowadays no rabbi in his right mind would advocate executing homosexuals, whether in Israel or abroad. This makes modern Judaism very different from Islam, which has not evolved at all. This also belies what the article says at the end that Judaism and Islam are not too far apart – that is totally untrue in theory and practice.

  • Shebel

    Hang them by what?

  • Shebel

    It is truly amazing how the Media and Hollywood can change the mass perception of the the populace.
    ‘ Bono’– gets an audience with the PM and contenders. Why?
    ‘Justin’—- almost as brain dead as you can get— yet- He could become PM.
    the ‘Jews’ — are pretty much responsible for every bad thing that has occurred on the Planet since the dawn of Time .