UK: The breeding ground for jihadis where even the ice cream lady wears a burka

Jean Wood is determined to spend the rest of her days in Savile Town, a small enclave of terraced streets in the once proud Yorkshire wool town of Dewsbury.

This is where she grew up, went to the grammar school and got married at the nearby handsome parish church nearly half a century ago.

A widow of 75, she likes to visit her grandchildren and tend the flower-filled garden of her detached house on a steep road leading down to the area’s community recreation ground, where the cricket club was once the boast of Savile Town.

Few of her friends or relatives live in this part of town any more. Jean is one of only 48 white Britons who have stayed on, while all the other 4,033 Savile Town residents, according to the latest 2011 census, are of Pakistani or Indian heritage.

  • Censored_EG

    Every day I read an article like this I sense the UK – United Kaliphate – is enriched by diversity to the point that England will soon become a thing of the past. Depressing. *sigh*

    • We are not far behind. The idiots in Ottawa think Islam is just great.

      • Alain

        No, we are not. There are already some areas or neighbourhoods where this has happened in Canada. It is population replacement instead of any kind of normal immigration. Western governments continue committing treason by allowing, even encouraging it instead of closing the flood gates. Normal immigration means that there is a serious selection of applicants to ensure it is someone who is not a criminal (at least to date), has a clean bill of health, is able to communicate in the language of the host country enough to be able to support himself without government assistance and who seeks to assimilate or integrate if you prefer. The majority flooding our countries possess none of the above.

        • Censored_EG

          You’re 100% correct, Alain. There are entire areas in Mississauga (“Islamissauga” is really what it should be named in the next few years) where population replacement is visible to the point that not a single white kid is seen walking to any schools in entire areas, and where two out of three women are wearing a hijab, etc. etc.

          White flight combined with excessive and uncontrolled immigration is a major issue in southern Ontario.

          However, people from places such as Belleville and Woodstock and even London, Ontario, don’t yet get it since immigrants are still of “minority” status in those locales and not the overwhelming majority as in many areas of the GTA, especially the 905 “white flight” regions.

          • mobuyus

            Three “minority youth at risk” just gunned down a local London Ont. youth over an IPhone. They will soon understand in London at least.

  • Waffle

    This more than explains why they are making so much “nostalgia” stuff for tv — Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Father Brown, Doc Martin, tc., etc., etc.

  • JoKeR

    Welcome to the collective. You WILL be assimilated.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Some of those treats she’s selling have a phallic shape too.

    What a slut!

  • mobuyus

    Look at those man hands, the ice-cream vendor is just a muslim tranny.

    • Alain

      Exactly you have no idea which sex you are dealing with, even though I don’t have a problem with that in this kind of situation. I do have a serious concern about the lack of hygiene when anyone serving food is dressed in this full body bag. No way would I take any kind of food in that situation.

      • Martin B

        It says a lot that governments in civilized nations would rather compromise the health of their children than tell a hag-in-a-bag to take off her freedom sack when she’s handling & serving food to those children.

      • mobuyus

        The full body sack also acts as a toilet polisher and toilet stall floor mopper when one attends to one’s needs. And these clowns believe their shit don’t stink. Unbelievable!

    • Blacksmith

      I was wondering if anyone else would notice that, it is one of the first things that jumped out at me.

      • mobuyus

        The hands and body posture are quite obviously male. It also got me to thinking of hygiene, would not those billowous sacks they wear drape and caress the toilet and mop toilet stall floors as they go about their business. The more I learn of this disgusting cult the more disgusting it becomes.

        • Blacksmith

          I did NOT need that mental picture, disgusting.

  • Gary

    I read about a Jihadist that worked in the bakery section of a large Grocery store and poisoned some of the pastry items with small doses of a powder that killed people slowly to avoid tracing it back to him .
    There are only a few muslims I really trust and NONE of them are Cops or TTc employees.

    After what the muslims in Kenya had did to make a free will choice to leave the Mall as Muslims when the terrorist gave them that chance , it became obvious that muslims will default to save their own lives and NOT give a damn about others or any non-muslim when it comes down to being killed .

    • Alain

      Call me bad, but based on experience I don’t trust any of them. I am not saying they are all terrorist or supporters of terrorism, but a basic teaching of Islam is that one is encouraged to deceive/lie to the infidel. Never would I trust my safety and security to any of them.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        They’re trained to fuck over everybody.
        That’s what happens when you live in a Malthusian hell hole where your cultural practices result in you breeding like flies as a survival strategy despite that strategy straining scarce resources even more.
        Easter Islanders were the first muslims.

  • Dana Garcia

    How is this different from when the Nazis took over Paris?

    • Sir Roderick Spode

      The willingness to collaborate and give up the Jews is comparable.

    • Martin B

      The Nazis rolled into France with thousands of tanks & planes. The Muzz don’t need any tanks or planes because they’re invited in and offered generous welfare benefits to stay.

  • RichardPMay

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