Race imposters and identity politics

The Rachel Dolezal story has got to be the top tale of 2015 so far. It so perfectly exemplifies where North America is at right now culturally.

You’ve probably never heard of Dolezal before. But her story reads like a headline from the fake news site The Onion. Except it’s not fake.

Here’s the Buzzfeed headline: “A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say.”

  • Identity politics comes full circle.

    Today I feel like being a female, transgender, black, disabled, left handed, spokesperson.

    Where is my job, and all the other benefits?

    • I want to be President of anything that pays good, as a spokesman for Black Lesbians.

      • Martin B

        Dolezal is a quite common Czech surname, she could have aspired to be President of her local chapter of the American Czech and Slovak Association, but they don’t pay as well as the NAACP.

  • WalterBannon

    She sounds racist. She is just some white person in black face.

  • JodiTOberg

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  • Alain

    He disguised himself as a woman for years. She disguised herself as a man for years. Rachel disguised herself as black for years. Please explain the difference here and only one is unacceptable. The truth is that they are equal and founded on the idea that biological evidence matters not; the only thing that counts is how one feels.