Islamic relations: The victim mentality will not help Muslim cause

YOUNG men and women born in Australia and raised in our suburbs are known to be among the new generation of jihadis who have travelled overseas to join ­forces with Islamist terror groups intent on waging war on Western nations.

Tony Abbott has made a front-bench commitment to combat Islamic radicalisation by appointing a Minister for Counter-terrorism. One of the new minister’s tasks is to build relations with Muslim community leaders, but that forms only half the story.

  • HRT

    The author leaves out some obvious disincentives to employ Muslims.

    time off for preparation and prayer is required five times every day. Second,
    during the month of Ramadan Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking, smoking
    or sex during daylight hours.

    The Ramadan requirements produce obvious
    workplace safety concerns particularly in the summer months and, if there is an
    accident stemming from fatigue, irritability etc who will be blamed? A fair
    guess would be the employer, on the grounds he did not provide adequate
    supervision or suitable rest periods.

    Likewise, Muslim employees may well
    refuse to handle products containing pork or alcohol, and may well demand the
    setting aside of an area for use as a prayer room. The UK’s experience is that
    the satisfaction of these demands usually becomes the employer’s problem.

    Who in their right mind would employ a Muslim? The solutions to Muslim unemployment levels in the West etc are in their own hands.

  • Brett_McS

    I used to belong to the CIS and I think they still do good work, but this article was below par. This was my comment on the site:

    It is simply not possible to be a good (ie devout) Muslim and a loyal Australian. There is no ‘give unto Caesar’ in Islam – it is a complete socio-political system that is inconsistent with Western liberal democracy. “Reaching out” to Muslims qua Muslims is therefore contradictory and will fail.