If I was Asghar Bukhari, I’d hold onto both of my shoes very tightly

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) is a strange beast. Its membership largely consists of Asghar Bukhari and his brother. Occasionally another person appears on television claiming an affiliation to the group – an affiliation promptly proved by use of the organisation’s modus operandi, viz furious shouting backed up by ferocious stupidity.

  • marty_p

    Of course the Mossad stole his shoe – they were after the technology.


  • Petey

    That is one ugly muzzie in the photo. On the other hand the photo is perfect for an add-a-caption contest. A couple of suggestions:
    People with large noses are more spiritually aware!
    It is NOT a light bulb!

  • Waffle

    Oh pul-leeze, Asghar and his bro obviously don’t know about Dusty, the klepto kitty. Dusty and his British cousins are cat burglars who have a special penchant for smelly shoes. If Asghar was really serious about stopping the sneak thief, he’d tape over the cat door. Problem solved.