Europe tells Greeks to prepare for ‘state of emergency’ as talks collapse in acrimony

Eleventh hour bail-out talks last just 45 minutes as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is accused of “swindling the world” with his demands


E.U. Urged to Plan for Greece to Default

BRUSSELS — A chorus of voices on Monday called on European Union authorities to plan for Greece to default on its huge pile of debt after talks between Athens and its creditors deteriorated over the weekend.

Senior figures from Germany were among the most outspoken, with one warning of the need for a “state of emergency” to handle the potential fallout from a failure to reach a deal with the Greek government. Germany is one of Greece’s biggest creditors.

  • Think it can’t happen here?

    Dream on.

    • It can.

      • David Murrell

        I was vacationing with my wife in Ontario, the past three weeks. We stopped at a nice provincial park in Prince Edward Country, facing Lake Ontario. At the only rest room station (concrete brick walled), I noticed three workmen, from Parks Ontario, goofing off on a long coffee break in the afternoon. We went for a half-hour walk along the beach, then came back to the rest rooms. The men were still sitting down, smiling and laughing. (Around back, the men’s room was still shut down, so I used the family room instead).

        A small sign about how the Wynne government is becoming like Greece, with everybody goofing off and laying down on the job.

  • JodiTOberg

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  • Hard Little Machine

    They’re not going to let Greece become a failed state. Greece knows this. This kind of brinkmanship always favors the weaker party. I expect they’ll trim some around the edges, like pull out of NATO, raises taxes on foreign companies and such. But it shouldn’t amaze us if they get a healthy injection of money from Abu Dhabi, Qatar etc. I could see them ceding all sorts of things to Turkey in exchange for money. Greece holds two strong cards. 1) they’re drowning in African and Mideast ‘refugees’ they can ship off to the rest of Europe. And 2) there’s thousands, hundreds of thousands of Greeks they can ship off to the rest of Europe.

    • Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, even France, there are no shortages of weak men of Europe.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Another failed country for Muslims terrorists to take over.

  • Exile1981

    Greece defaulting and screwing Germany and the rest of the EU on the money it owes them will set a bad precedent but it could also end the era of debt based economies as no one will lone any other nation any money and countries will have to use goods and precious metals as a means of exchange.

    • Alain

      One can only hope.

  • Raymond Hietapakka


  • simus1

    Greece has lots of smart people who are smothered by corrupt politicians, rent seekers, a corrupt state church, oligarchs, bureaucrats, and marxists. A quick method to show the people that any new rulers are really serious about increasing social mobility and encouraging prosperity via private enterprise would be to shoot substantial numbers of those who can be counted on to oppose any and all reforms.

    • Alain

      I agree. There are plenty of highly successful Greeks abroad who did not become successful due to bribes and corruption but through self sacrifice and hard work. The ones I know left Greece long ago due to the reasons you mention. In fact the father of one of my sons-in-law is one of such Greeks.