UK: Schools watchdog with links to regular, everyday, common as dirt Muslim extremists shut down

A controversial body accused of whitewashing hardline Muslim schools is to be closed down in the latest blow for Islamist extremism in Britain.

The Bridge Schools Inspectorate, which in 2008 took over responsibility from Ofsted for inspecting many private Muslim schools, will cease operations in October after coming under strong pressure from ministers and Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools.

In a letter to the BSI last year, Sir Michael said it was failing to identify “warning signs of extremism and radicalisation in school settings” and accused it of taking schools’ assurances too much at face value.

The BSI is co-controlled by private Muslim schools’ own trade and promotional body, the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS). It uses AMS member headteachers to inspect each other’s schools.
Both the inspectorate and the AMS have close links to extremists.


The Fox was guarding the hen-house. Who thought this a good idea?

  • just a thought

    Are the extremist schools still operating, though? Wake me when they actually accomplish something, like shutting down the schools.

    • They have been curbed – allegedly- but frankly I have my doubts.

  • Waffle

    As a general rule — and not just applicable to this particular situation — once you drop standards and/or oversight, then the “fun” begins. To understand the implications of the British situation, just consider what has happened (and will happen) in Ontario:
    *Back in the late 60s, provincial testing (standards) for both teachers and students was dropped. Although province-wide testing was brought back to some extent (IMHO, the EQAO is a joke), illiteracy and innumeracy are par for the course.
    * Ontario just passed legislation that will prevent oversight of the public power utility, Hydro One. Draw your own conclusions as to what the future has in store for us. (Be prepared. Buy candles. Lots of them).

    • Yup expect third world style load shedding in Ontario’s future.