The Upside-Down World of University Human Rights

Neither the great many supporters of Israel whom I know personally nor I want anything but the best possible future for the Palestinians. No one I know hates the Palestinians. What we do hate are the organizations that exploit and dominate the Palestinian people, that deny them the right to vote for new governments, the culture of hatred in Palestinian mosques, schools, and political speeches, and the acts of terror and war that have been directed at Jewish, Muslim and Christian Arab Israelis for many decades. It is the hatred and the violence we deplore, knowing as we do that this hurts not only Israelis, but that, since 1948, it has been blocking Palestinians from achieving their true potential.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Nice try, but no amount of reasoning will move those who are hellbent on giving human rights a bad name.

  • Shebel

    I have been asking people for more than 2 decades as to why I should hate the Jews. So far– no one has been able to explain it to me.
    Now you make a post like this.

    I always wondered why they left Gaza on one side ?

    • moraywatson

      Success breeds contempt.

  • FactsWillOut

    “It is the hatred and the violence we deplore, knowing as we do that this hurts not only Israelis, but that, since 1948, it has been blocking Palestinians from achieving their true potential.”

    Is this guy for real?

    • Alain

      Buying into the invented people label was enough of a giveaway for me.

  • just a thought

    FIRST – ” There is no such thing as a “Palestinian
    people.” That is a concept that, by the drumbeat of incessant propaganda,
    has been foisted on the world. The so-called Palestinians are the same
    Arabs that live in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Never at any time in history
    did the “Palestinians” have a homeland, nor did they ever
    demand one. “

    If one falls into the trap of believing in their being a people yearning for justice, one will inevitably come to hate Jews, and anyone who denies it to them.

    SECOND – as to no one that author knows not hating them, I submit that author doesn’t get out much. As to examples, here’s King David, for one, as he expresses in Psalm 139, v21…
    “Did I not hate Your enemies, O Lord?”

    I share his sentiments. And here are some more reasons why…

    • Shebel

      That was quite an education. Thank you. I read it all.

      I am pretty sure that I have to read it all again.

      • just a thought

        Yeah. I have to constantly review, myself. Most of that stuff has been around for a while (the FLAME article is a decade old), which makes it all the more surprising how little of it is known.

  • GracieAHoule

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    • Shebel

      So how much for a real quick BJ ?

    • Mickey Oberman

      I really don’t give a damn.
      I hope you get regular and frequent medical check-ups.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I am a Jew.
    Not a Christian.
    I will not turn the other cheek. Regardless of who tells me I must.
    I will not love my enemies. Regardless of who tells me I must.
    I hate all who would hurt or kill me or my people.
    That they were trained to hate from infancy is now irrelevant.
    They hate. I can only wish the worst for these hate filled zombies.

    • just a thought

      What’s to not hate?

    • vimy

      There is a school of thought out there that thinks turning the other cheek doesn’t mean what we think it means. Turning the other cheek was actually showing defiance to your aggressor. If you left your face un-turned after being slapped was showing submission.

      I like to believe it was meant as an act of defiance and we had all better start the other cheek before its to late.

      • Mickey Oberman

        Oh come on now.
        A school of thought or one student incapable of thinking?
        Allowing the other cheek to be slapped, indeed, by offering it is a demonstration of cowardice and surrender.
        No matter how you wish to interpret it.
        Turn it if you wish. Then both cheeks will match and be bright red and if you are lucky, black and blue.

        • vimy

          No. It’s I dare you to do it again and if you try I will defend myself

          • Mickey Oberman

            If you intended to defend yourself you would have slapped or done worse, to the slapper immediately.

          • vimy

            The only point I was making is I don’t believe Christians have interpreted the metaphor properly. I believe they should defend themselves from attack and that is its real meaning.

    • vimy

      There is a school of thought out there that believes turning the other cheek doesn’t mean what we think it means.

      If you turn your other cheek after being struck you are showing defiance to your aggressor, not turning you cheek is a sign of submission.

      It really changes the context of the thing doesn’t it. So I will turn the other cheek as must we all before it is to late.

      • Mickey Oberman

        I think you might still be able to get some cover up face powder at a ladies cosmetic shoppe.

        • vimy

          Mickey settle down I’m actually agreeing with you

          • Mickey Oberman

            Your previous words that you repeated a second time, undoubtedly for emphasis, say otherwise to me.

          • vimy

            Glitch… didn’t show up when I hit post so I typed it again and hit post again and they were both there

      • Shebel

        If I curl into the fetal position–Is that also an act of defiance ?

        • vimy

          Jesus reference the right cheek specifically.

          Jesus lived in a right-handed world where left hands were reserved only for unclean tasks. Therefore, we can assume that the person doing the hitting would have used their right hand. The only way to strike someone on the right cheek with your right hand is a backhanded slap. Such a blow connotes an insult, not a fistfight, and was a normal way to reprimand someone over whom you had power (e.g. masters to slaves, husbands to wives, Romans to Jews). To strike your equal in such a manner was socially and legally unacceptable, carrying with it a huge fine.

          With this new understanding of the context Jesus was speaking in, picture the scenario with yourself as the oppressor. You are a wealthy, powerful person whose slave has displeased you in some way. You reprimand your slave with a backhanded slap. The response you expect is the response you have always received from your slaves – the response you yourself would give if someone higher than you treated you the same way. You expect your slave to cower, submit, and slink away. Instead, your slave defiantly turns their other cheek and challenges you to hit them again. What can you do?

          You would like to give your slave another backhanded slap to show them their place, but to do that you would have to use your left hand which would admit that your action is unclean. You could hit them on their left cheek, instead, but it would be embarrassing to hit your slave the way you should hit your equal. You’re confused. You don’t know what to do. Flustered, you could order the slave be flogged, but the slave has already made their point. They have shown you that they are a human person with dignity and worth. You don’t own them, you cannot control them, and they do not submit to your rule.

          So, in light of this insight, Jesus’ instruction not to resist evil and to turn the other cheek transforms from an instruction to accept injustice into a challenge to resist systems of domination and oppression.

          and that’s the last I have to say on this

          • Shebel

            I do Thank You for the explanation.
            It makes perfect sense . )))

  • Gary

    Check out this chart by the UN for the Obesity crisis among muslims and arabs in gaza and the west bank.
    Add this to the fact that since 1948 the Palestinian population is up 400% and you end up with the fact that there are really STUPID students at York U and the UofT because they support the pro-hams/Sharia QuAIA group, this, even when we know that hamas brutally murders gays and would never allow Wynne’s GAS’s or a PRIDE parade ( other than right before the lynching of queers as a favour to allah ) .

    That one helluva Genocide and Starvation Policy by Israel when the population goes up as the people also become obese.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Functional literacy will be deemed privileged microaggression soon. It will actually be punished in colleges.

  • Kaye

    I checked out the link from which the IQ graphic came from ( ) . They show a graph with a few countries listed, including the US. The latter does not appear to be declining and India, another populous nation, is actually increasing. So why is the world level of IQ dropping? Well, the one African nation plotted on the graph, Nigeria, is dropping in IQ. Too bad they didn’t show figures by religious affiliation. How are vibrant countries like Somalia and Pakistan doing in the IQ game, one wonders?

    • glasnost

      So maybe the movie “Idiocracy” is actually prophetic.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Israel’s Jewish population is also increasing, with four children being the norm among the non-Ultra Orthodox, and there is no denying the scientific and technical achievements that constantly emerge from that country.