Shame and disgrace: UK 2nd tier nation on law, corruption

Britain is so far from its own self-image in terms of outright crime and corruption, as well as in relation to the rule of law, that we’re close to a joke nation according to international bodies. A 5th of Brits confess to bribing the judiciary; worst record in EU; and in company with Ukraine

Any Briton who has ever lived abroad for any period of time, or who looks at the smartest, as opposed to fake-ideological, surveys on our National Health Service, knows full-well that Britain has a pretty poor health system by Western standards.

If we still did it, you could get hanged, drawn and quartered for pointing that out in a British media “debate”. Suffice to say, the killer point is that if we are the envy of the world, why has absolutely nobody, ever, been dumb enough to emulate us? Rational counter-point, there just isn’t.

  • PeterR

    I wonder what percentage of the 21 percent who bribe the judiciary are muslim? There’ve been stories here on BCF and elsewhere about the ridiculous amount of election fraud and general criminality in the Tower Hamlets. Other cities such as Birmingham with particularly large muslim populations may well be experiencing the same sorts of things (but it just hasn’t blown up yet). As muslims creep into the judiciary, the police and political elite (the mayor of Tower Hamlets was muslim), there is bound to be an increase in corruption.
    And of course, the ubiquitous rape-gangs and their “Asian” perpetrators. In addition to the heinous rapes themselves, is it reasonable to think that no palms are being greased, no threats and intimidation of police, judges, etc., is occurring concurrently?

    • Multiculturalism breeds low trust societies, it only follows that the rule of law will be weakened in a nation deliberately divided and set against itself, which is the real purpose of mass immigration and multicultural policy.

      • Frau Katze

        Third Worldization.

        • Millie_Woods

          I like Mark Steyn’s analogy best. Loosely quoted.

          ‘Take a gallon of ice cream and mix in a teaspoon of feces. Which of the constituents does the resulting product resemble most.’

  • MaryDHays

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  • canminuteman

    Change the people, change the culture.

  • Waffle
  • Norman_In_New_York

    Benny Hill generated guffaws with his spoofs of National Health Service.

  • P_F

    That’s what I always been saying; The more crap from third world countries we let into our civilized & developed nations the more chances are they’ll make their host nation like the one they left behind.
    A few at a time with some sort of essential skills which must be helpful to the host country and individuals with the same values & ethics as the society they’re moving to should be the basic criteria for immigration. ‘Assimilation’ should be the policy NOT ‘multiculturalism’.