Robert Fulford: Fighting the insanely misogynist Islamic State will require enormous public support

A year ago this week, time stopped for most of the million people living in Mosul, the second city of Iraq, when the Islamic State took control.

As one of the residents said, there was suddenly nowhere to go home to. Fear paralysed every move. American-trained Iraqi soldiers hid their uniforms and their gear while the rest of the people resigned themselves to their new status as prisoners. Their enemies had become their jailers.

h/t O-J

  • Gary

    Don’t count on the feminists at NOW to condemn it, nor any lesbian group of children’s Rights Org .
    The islamists are now on N.American soil which these groups know and they choose to stay quiet for fear of terrorism attacks on their Offices or being murdered in the street.

    Most muslims should be outraged that this is the norm for the perception of islam, but their silence speaks tomes about the tacit approval while they tell us they reject the violence and that islam=Peace .

    • Our alleged feminists are useless idiots.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Professional feminists are more interested in luxuriating at lavish conferences than in actually pursuing justice for the world’s most oppressed women.

  • Alain

    The doctrine is Islam and not limited to the IS. More rubbish.