#RachelDolezal gets weirder…

Say What?

Rachel Dolezal Cosmetics DRUM

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Wow! On the crazy scale of 1 to 10, this chick has to rate 83½!

    So she “adopted” her black adopted brother and proceeded to redefine their relationship as mother and son.

    Are the looney left going to embrace her crazy as they did in Caitynn Jenner’s case, or will they drop her like a hot potato? Stay tuned!

    • dance…dancetotheradio
      • Uncle_Waspy

        Kids in the Hall is an acquired taste. The sketch was either a homerun, or it was so weird that nobody got it.

        It took a young woman from NYC to tell me that there was a recurring KITT sketch about a guy who was always hitchhiking to Kitchener.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Yeah, they could be uneven.
          But, when they were on it was gold, Jerry, gold!

    • OH they have!

    • So Bruce Jenner can pick the gender he wants to “identify” with. And Rachel Dolezal cab pick the race she wants to identify with.

      And MS Dolezal gets special consideration for employment because she claims to be black.

      So that means; If I am black or white, male or female, disabled or not, I can identify myself with whatever I want and benefit from that Identification.

      Well, I say, what the hell. I now identify as a black female transgendered, disabled veteran.

      Where is my job and money?

      • Uncle_Waspy

        Hey, don’t go for the bronze……go for the gold! Claim you’re a transgendered black millionaire.

  • The Butterfly

    You can’t know the struggle of being born in the #WrongSkin

    • lolwut?


  • ontario john

    I care a great deal for my cat. So in order to understand and fight for the care of all cats, I now wish to announce that I am now a cat. I will lay around on the couch most of the day, make loud noises when hungry, and scratch myself a lot. Oh, wait, I do that now anyway.

    • Micky C.

      Good luck giving yourself a bath. Tell me how that works out when you stretch your leg behind your head to lick your bum.

  • mauser 98


  • She’s done to Black people what Elizabeth Warren has done to Indians (I refuse to call them native Americans without sufficient irony). They rob the “disadvantaged” of their spoils while perpetuating the soft racism of low expectations. Ever since the mentally ill were “deinstitutionalized” it’s gotten harder to tell them from the simply mendacious. This one is clearly crazy while EW is just a slimy affirmative action fraud. Jenner? Until he/she committed vehicular hommicide, he was just a freak.