Passing for black: top tips from transracial icon Rachel Dolezal

Light-skinned people with a high degree of white heritage used to be called, somewhat distastefully, “high yellow.” Whites that tan well are now named “high orange,” and this is critical to passing. Tan like a member of the Jersey Shore. The “Snooki” is not enough, by the way: you have to go deeper. You’ll likely get cancer later in life, but that’s fine because there’s probably a grant for that. Think “Florida tanning mom.”

  • I want to be the first white woman in the NBA!

  • LindaWMartin

    The Job Search Site on the Net @mk14



  • ontario john

    I’m just heading out to church, but this story gives me a great idea. In support of indians in Canada, I am now an indian of the “Meneedum money tribe”. As Chief Tax Free, I will support my indian brothers by demanding free housing, free university education, and a monthly monetary allowance for myself.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      You meet’um kids…

      Pregnant 17 year old daughter, Town Bike.

      Here is son named No Depth Perception (before him named “Runs With Scissors”).

      • mauser 98

        every one needs a town bike once

  • mauser 98

    ” I was born a poor black child. I
    remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and
    dancin’ down in Mississippi.”

    • Clausewitz

      Wait, all it takes to pass as being black is a bad perm? I’m guessing they never noticed the blue eye’s either. I have about 5 black friends and 15 known associates, and they all have brown eyes. How stupid are the people at the NACCP?

  • mauser 98
    • New From Rachel Dolezal Cosmetics!

      • mauser 98

        whew …economy size!

  • Ed

    If you can change your gender, with society’s full support, why not race? Al sharpton’s head is going to explode any minute now…

    • Clink9

      One day we will all be Napoleon. As long as you guys remember I was first.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        You can be Napoleon, I’m too tall.

    • Alain

      Spot on.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Actually, the implications of race and gender fluidity are stunning.
      They obviate the need for inclusion targets regarding diversity hiring.
      And render the grievance studies industry obsolete.
      We are now truly living in a meritocracy.
      Parasites have rendered themselves redundant.

  • mobuyus

    Greedily syphoning Black DNA doesn’t make one Black.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Roflmao. That was very funny (and kinda disgusting). But then, I am a boy person.

  • The Phantom

    I’m starting to see the term “Transracial” popping up. Presumably this is more dignified that “Wigger”.

  • mauser 98

    they are coming out of the woodwork!
    now it’s WrongSkin

  • Jay Currie

    I’m transitioning to Milo’s most transgressive thing ever: an old, bald, straight, Anglican, white male…And I think I am pretty convincing in my new role…Don’t hate me.

  • The__Hammer

    I am transracial too, trans-native to be exact. But our trans-phobic government will not give me a status card.

  • Hard Little Machine

    where the white women at?