Diagnosed With Liberalism

“The destruction of the family,” he opines, “is the single most destructive force in the past 40 years.” Amier then discusses the back-and-forth kids do, going from mom to dad every time they have a grievance. “This dance,” he says, “is how we attain justice. It’s how the parameters of our sense of internal integrity are defined.” Amier seems particularly concerned with the lack of fathers. “The father sets down the law. When he is not there, a sense of anxiety takes root and that leads to outwardly directed hostility. Soon you are looking to the outside world to show you what the limits are. You’re ‘acting out’ and hoping society will control you. The desire for paternal law becomes pathologized.” Amier calls PC violations “narcissistic injury” and adds that this fear-driven petulance becomes especially dangerous when the ideology becomes someone’s entire identity. “When that happens,” he says, “it’s as though rationality and socialized relationships dissolve. The ideologically identified person can often become wildly reckless because they seek the obscuring of accountability with increased pathos.”

  • Good analysis.

  • Gaian

    Crap! Where are the laws making males responsible for fatherhood obligations? Most males are pisspoor at everything they do (except war, butchery, rape and perversion) so why aren’t certain males selected and licensed to be fathers? No, it’s so much easier to hammer women to the ground and make them into property so males can stick their puny things in anything that can’t run away. It should be illegal for men to have sex unless they are licensed to do so by an all female licensing board (who define what male would be a “good” father). Also, because there is no greater threat to the life of a child (or a woman) than a man, men should not be allowed unsupervised contact with a child, ever.