Your Tax Dollars At Work: Federally Subsidized Arab Rag Declares “Israel’s Crimes In Gaza” Equally Heinous To ISIS

Note I have had to rely on Google translate here but I stick by my labored translation.

In an article decrying the lack of public denunciations and demonstrations by the Arab community against the barbarism of “Daesh” AKA ISIS AKA the Islamic State, the writer wonders why Israel’s alleged crimes in Gaza, which he deems to be as equally heinous as those of ISIS can always manage to draw a crowd but Daesh has no such pulling power. Link.

“What can be less by any organization or Arab Society In any Canadian city to denounce the crimes brutally Suffered by the Iraqi people at the hands of the organization Daash The terrorist, these crimes no less heinous than Crimes of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.”

The offending passage is highlighted in the jpeg below, as is the Rag’s acknowledgement that Canadian Tax Payers are footing the bill for yet another dose of the toxic poison of multiculturalism and diversity.

Assaha Magzine 2

  • Alain

    Not the least surprised by the content of the rag. It is disgusting that government funds any rag/news paper of any kind. If the demand isn’t enough to pay for it, let it die. There is no end of all the “local” rags across the country being funded by our tax dollars, and that is unacceptable.

    • Frau Katze

      Multikulti at work.

      • Alain

        That is true, but they also provide funding for hundreds of thousands of various local rags which are not ethnic or whatever.

        • Waffle

          Publications like this exist because of the grants provided by the Ministry of Multiculturalism. For a variety of reasons, it probably could not attract advertising $$$ to enable it to be self-sufficient. There is also the matter of free speech.
          As offensive as this is (and also hysterically funny) if the government were to dictate what a little ethnic rag can or cannot say, what does that do to our demand for freedom of speech and expression?
          The good thing is that this rag has a very limited audience and zero credibility in the real world.

          • Alain

            I am not suggesting censorship, nor singling out this particular publication, but I am suggesting that funding any of these publications with our tax dollars is wrong.

          • Waffle

            Sorry, but if you restrict the use of grant money to not allowing publications or communications or whatever else they want to call it, that’s the same as censorship. Freedom of speech means the right to be offended. Where I draw the line if allowing the public space to be used as a platform for calling for murder.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Your Tax Dollars At Work: Federally Subsidized Arab Rag Declares “ Israel’ s Crimes In Gaza” Equally Heinous To ISIS

          • Alain

            Sorry but there is no entitlement to grant money. No grants period.

    • Not to mention major publications like Macleans etc.

  • Waffle

    My vision is really bad (seriously) but is the name of that (cough) publication “Asshat Magazine”?