Why Did Wynne’s Government Give A 40 Million Dollar Ferry Contract To Chile?

TORONTO – A NDP MPP wants to know why an Ontario shipbuilder’s bid to build a Pelee Island ferry was sunk before it even left shore.

“It seems like a massive missed opportunity on the part of the government to include domestic suppliers and manufacturers in this project,” NDP MPP Taras Natyshak said Friday. “And whether that is inherent in the bidding process or for other reasons is really unfortunate.”

Natyshak said he will raise the issue in the Ontario legislature when it resumes this fall.


I could have made a joke about Fairies ya know….

  • Canadian Born

    She must have a lot of gay friends in Chile. When will the people of Ontario admit they made the mistake of giving this woman and I use this term loosely full control of this province? I am so glad I did not vote this inept party in because I can complain not that it is doing any good. Another question I have is did she not give the security guards for the Pan Am games to a company from the States? I wish she would move to Chile or the United States or even Russia, but the is wishful thinking right?

    • Waffle

      I didn’t know about the security contract, but that is really interesting. I have been asking the same kind of questions as you. I think there are some very powerful (and wealthy) people behind this criminal enterprise who are more than content to let Kathy have the public stage all to herself. And she’s loving it.

      Somehow, I can’t think of Kathy without thinking of the movie, “The Devil’s Advocate” and this unforgettable image:


    • canminuteman

      I get a certain amount of pleasure at work when I here people bitching about the Wynne government, because I know that most of my coworkers probably voted for her. All I can say is “too bad eh, I guess elections have consequences.”

      • Faustina Mulrooney Festorazie

        yes, but unfortunately we all have to suffer those consequences, whether or not we voted for them!!!

    • eMan14

      The security contract did go to an American company. Even though there was a Canadian bid that was less money. Go figure that one out. The excuse was that the American company had more experience. Soooo couldn’t we use that excuse and keep the Ferry contract here in Canada?

  • Frau Katze

    They’re saying the laws as written forced them to pick Chile

    “Ontario is bound by trade agreements such as the Agreement on Internal Trade that may not allow favourable treatment of local proponents, regardless of the subsidy that may be offered in another jurisdiction,” Nichols’ said.

    • eMan14

      That’s a bunch of BS we have to live with. Trade agreements are not written for people… but for corporations.

    • Minicapt

      I would suggest it shows that the government’s lawyers are performing below par, but are planning that increases in renumeration will improve their results.


  • mauser 98

    $$billions went to Korea for windmills

  • Sean

    Sorry for making you joke for you in the other thread.