Vlad Tepes: The UK and the mosque that wasn’t there

Solihull’s residents have not been consulted or informed of plans to turn the old ambulance station on Hermitage Road in to a ‘masjid’, otherwise known as a mosque.

The first thing that needs to be understood is that this is a classic tactic by muslims. They do not care about important laws like rape and freedom of speech.

So matters of urban planning are merely obstacles to be defeated with an easy lie.

The lie of course, is the purpose you claim for a structure you put up.

So when they don’t let you have a mosque, and as far as I know, all islamic buildings called ‘community centers’ educational centers, schools and what not are always going to be mosques, you call it one of the other things then build it and then use it as a mosque.

A quick look at the etymology of the word mosque from Masjid makes it pretty clear from the gates it isn’t a church or temple…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Last night while walking down the stairs
    I saw a mosque that wasn’t there.
    It wasn’t there again today.
    I wish that mosque would go away.

  • Gary

    Back around 2005 the Pickering Sunni Mosque was in an old one-level 1950’s looking Office building for a very small Business. They wanted to build a mega mosque with off-shore funding which we know is Saudi money take claim land in Canada for allah and spread Whahhabism .
    But zoning laws for the area that was almost all residential units did not allow for a huge footprint or be higher than about 35 feet .
    The mosque staff conspired to fabricate an act of islamophobia for the Media by torching their own mosque and smashing windows with the extra hate-crime touch of spray painting Jesus-Rules on a wall.

    Mark Holland and Dan McTeague got played for suckers and White dolts that showed-up at the mosque 2 days later to appease the muslims and denounce the drunken ignorant bigot Christians that did this .
    Except for one thing , there was NO video evidence or any neighbour that heard or saw people on the street at 3:00 am according to Police reports.
    BUT……..the mosque custodian was the one that phoned from the Mosque to the 9-1-1 centre to get the Fire dept. and Police to come ( for that really nice Hate-crime effect on record for the media to play the victim) , which was odd that they heard NOTHING and saw NOTHING during the alleged 20 minute attack to do all that damage plus they had time to calmly use spray paint and 3:00 am .

    This tactic to damage the small mosque to gain sympathy and get the community on your side , they ignore the LAWS so these Victims can get their new mosque for children to pray has become common while Arson is popular because Fire Damage allows for a total rebuild to new Standards and they just want a new really SMALL extend wall for stuff like Qurans and prayer rugs.
    The people in Pickering didn’t buy the scam even though the Police had to do their charade and pretend it was a hate-crime with no witnesses or security video while the 9-1-1 call came from the Mosque custodian that just happened to be there at 3:00 am .
    Later on I saw a brief news clip about the muslim ” Community” Centre they built on the land because they didn’t get a permit for the NEW large mosque.

    Last year out West there was a fabricated vandalism to thier mosque for the same reason to get sympathy and see people fight for their new Mega-Mosque so the children can pray and feel safe.
    But once again is was so odd that the Police report had no Security video evidence which in this case was because some muslim in the mosque shut-off the system that Night by mistake and made a boo boo.

    The media fears exposing this fraud because of the Islamophobia label or terrorism attacks on their studios and employees , they don’t even report how odd it is that about 1400 muslims want to build a $15,000,000.00 mosque which has to be from saudi money to push Whahhabism and spread sharia law.