The “Kurdish Shakira”

NB Google translate:

“I want to give something to the Peshmerga because I consider myself one of them,” told AFP the singer of 26 years in Erbil, capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. “I put on uniforms peshmerga in the song to encourage.”

  • Justin St.Denis

    Helly Luv rocks! She’s really, really hot, to boot!

    Actually, put about 15 years on her, give her a slightly hotter body, and she looks like Mrs. St. Denis. Now you know why I smile so much I have to get my teeth cleaned every three months!

  • Martin B

    Beats the hell out of ululating in a freedom sack.

  • Petey

    If the Kurds can tolerate music, especially this kind of music video, and a woman showing strength and leadership (and her hair!) then that implies that they’re a step up from other muslims. I also get the sense that they see themselves as Kurds first and muslims second, another plus – if true.

    • It appears so.

      • DVult

        Just let ’em know we may like them depending on their behaviour but dump the pislam.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Absolutely. Kurdish girl fighters also learn and practice traditional line folk dances after hours, and at least one video shows a teacher embedded in their unit teaching them their language and literature. (And not the Koran.)

    • Zaba

      All that just from the video?

  • ntt1

    that hair colour ,forever sullied by big red the feminazi, is best described as red liquorish colour and is not really a good look on any body. I am surrounded by real red heads in my family and while there are certainly many shades around ,non have this toxic gleam like this unnatural one.

    • I tend to associate it with Punks and Clowns.

      • vimy

        Punks and clowns, sounds like my daughters and I love them to death, They are revolutionary’s as well

    • Waffle

      This particular shade of red is in fashion and has been for awhile now. There are a lot of women dyeing for this look.

      • ntt1

        Its really ugly, good luck to them, I guess I’m spoiled surrounded by real red heads as I am.

  • Zaba

    Now that’s a different music video.
    Positive feel.

    Did I hear her say, twice:
    “Religion; we share the same one.”
    islam. uh-oh.